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Nathan Hart

Nathan Hart

16 posts

Nathan Hart
25 March 2022

The Evolution of the Smart Home: Current Trends [Part 2]

Internet of Things Article

In part one of this series, we covered how far we’ve come from the earliest smart homes, including older technologies and standards, and smart home ideas that covered the gamut from innovative to total head-scratchers. We also talked about the DIY movement in the present day and the role of open source in the smart ...

Nathan Hart
24 March 2022

The Evolution of the Smart Home: How it Started [Part 1]

Internet of Things open source

A brief history Smart home technology has long been the subject for futurists predicting robot butlers and the like. While we may not have “The Jetsons” style tech available to us just yet, smart home technology has come a long way in recent years. Let’s take a look back at the journey of smart home ...

Nathan Hart
28 January 2022

Single-command Docker environments on any machine with Multipass

Ubuntu Article

Multipass has a new workflow tailored to run Docker containers on macOS, Windows or Linux. One single command, no dependencies, full flexibility. Multipass exists to bring Ubuntu-based development to the operating system of your choice. Whether you prefer the GUI of macOS (even on M1), Windows or any other Linux, the unmatched experience ...

Nathan Hart
23 December 2021

How-To: Docker on Windows and Mac with Multipass

Tutorials Article

Update: there is now a more streamlined way to run Docker on Multipass – see this tutorial for more details. Original blog below: If you’re looking for an alternative to Docker Desktop or to integrate Docker into your Multipass workflow, this how-to is for you.  Multipass can host a docker engine inside an Ubuntu VM ...

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