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  2. Monica R Ayhens-Madon

Monica R Ayhens-Madon

Monica R Ayhens-Madon

2 posts

Monica R Ayhens-Madon
25 March 2022

Inclusive Language and its Future at Canonical

Canonical announcements Article

Changing our language If you follow Canonical’s code and documentation, you may have noticed that we’re slowly changing some common computing terms. You might wonder what has caused these changes. You might ask why Canonical is putting in the effort to make this more inclusive language stick. The changes at Canonical are part of a ...

Monica R Ayhens-Madon
20 October 2021

Help Us Chart the Ubuntu Community Roadmap

Community Article

It hasn’t even been a week since the release of Impish Indri, and we already are gearing up for the journey to Jammy Jellyfish. If releases were a roadtrip, this is when we pull over, have some snacks, and find the best way to get to our next destination. The Desktop and Community Team want ...