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Ken VanDine

Ken VanDine

2 posts

Software Engineer

Ken VanDine
24 October 2017

Latest and greatest versions of GNOME apps on YOUR desktop!

Desktop Article

Want to run the latest GNOME applications on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and 17.10? Actually, not just Ubuntu, many other distributions such as Fedora, Linux Mint and Debian that support snap. We have now packaged a pretty extensive listĀ of the latest GNOME apps as snaps and provided them in the Snap store. Any of these snaps ...

Ken VanDine
12 June 2017

Ubuntu Desktop – GNOME Extensions poll results

Desktop Article

Recently, with the help from our friends at OMG! Ubuntu, we ran a poll to collect data on usefulness of some GNOME Shell extensions. We limited the poll to a select group of extensions based on popularity on as well as how they changed the user experience. The poll was done with Google forms, ...