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Jon Melamut

Jon Melamut

6 posts

Jon Melamut
15 May 2014

Huge downloads for Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 LTS, first OEM partner announced

Desktop Article

Over the last few months we’ve seen significant traction with Ubuntu Kylin among users and PC hardware manufacturers. Downloads from the Ubuntu Kylin community sites in China are continuing to gain momentum, with over three  million people downloading Ubuntu Kylin in the first 12 months. The initial adoption of Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 LTS, lau ...

Jon Melamut
14 February 2014

Ubuntu Kylin booms in China with over 1,300,000 downloads in less than

Desktop News

The Chinese love Ubuntu Kylin, a version of Ubuntu optimised for them. Its popularity has built quickly with 400,000 downloads after its first release in April 2013 and a rise to over 1,300,000 new downloads after its second release in October. That’s impressive for a downloadable operating system since most consumers in China, the world’ ...

Jon Melamut
6 August 2013

UbuntuKylin steals the show at OCOW Summit

Ubuntu Article

UbuntuKylin was awarded the Number 1 China Open Source Project for 2013 at the eighth Open Source China – Open Source World Summit in Beijing at Beihang University. ...

Jon Melamut
20 September 2012

Quetzal is taking flight & update on Ubuntu secure boot plans

Ubuntu Desktop

Development on Ubuntu 12.10 is wrapping up, with another beta release due on September 27th. Blog posts and reviews of the user-facing features are already hitting the Internet, there has also been a lot of important work done lower in the stack as well. While that lower-level work doesn’t usually make the headlines, support for ...

Jon Melamut
22 June 2012

An update on Ubuntu and Secure Boot

Ubuntu open source

In October 2011, Canonical discussed our activities and recommendations related to Secure Boot, including recommendations for OEMs. Since that time, we have continued to consult industry partners, the technical community and users on the topic. Today’s post provides an update on how Ubuntu will implement Secure Boot for 12.10. The Secure ...

Jon Melamut
19 August 2008

Sylvania brings new Atom-based netbook to market in record time with Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Ubuntu Desktop

This week I have the pleasure of attending the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. You can find me and the rest of the Canonical gang showing off Ubuntu MID Edition and Netbook Remix in the Moblin Community Area. Speaking of mobile, since launching the new version earlier in the ...