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  2. Jamie Bennett

Jamie Bennett

Jamie Bennett

4 posts

VP, Device and IoT Engineering

Jamie has been working professionally with software and embedded systems for almost 20 years. He first started his career as a software developer in the gaming industry before working for companies such as Linaro, ARM, and Trustonic in various roles encompassing software development, project management, engineering management, and executive steering. He is a self-confessed gadget freak, a vegan, and likes to run the odd marathon or two. He is also VP, Device and IoT Engineering at Canonical.

Jamie Bennett
10 July 2018

Graphical environments in the world of IoT

Internet of Things Article

The IoT promises to bring about a revolution in the way we interact with devices around us. While many IoT devices will be hidden away, from sensors that measure manufacturing tolerances in a factory to hubs that control lighting around the home, there are a class of devices that need to provide some sort of ...

Jamie Bennett
1 June 2018

The key IoT use cases that will drive 5G adoption

Cloud and server Article

2020, the year that we expect 5G networks to begin turning on is not that far away with some already starting early so it is inevitable that the IoT will adapt to the new features that it brings. Our increasingly connected world, sometimes affectionately called the ‘hyper-connected IoT’, is driving demand for bandwidth through the roof. ...

Jamie Bennett
18 April 2018

Eclipse 2018 survey: The IoT landscape, what it empirically looks like

Internet of Things Article

Every year the Eclipse Foundation along with other sponsors conduct an online survey of the IoT market looking at what technologies are being used and how. The 2018 edition of that survey has just been made available and I thought it would be a great idea to look at some of the overarching trends.  The Internet ...

Jamie Bennett
1 June 2016

Apps to Snaps

Internet of Things Article

Distributing applications on Linux is not always easy. You have different packaging formats, base systems, available libraries, and distribution release cadences all of which contribute to the headache. But now we have something much simpler: Snaps. Snaps are a new way for developers to package their applications, bringing with it many ad ...