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  2. Sohini Bianka Roy

Sohini Bianka Roy

Sohini Bianka Roy

9 posts

Product Manager

Sohini Bianka Roy
31 March 2021

Announcing Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview – WSL 2

Ubuntu Article

We are thrilled to release the Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview, a special build of Ubuntu for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that serves as a sandbox for experimenting with new features and functionality. The new Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview is our way of thanking our community and providing a space for the community to ...

Sohini Bianka Roy
29 March 2021

Operators and charmed operators

Charms Article

Operators were designed to help manage application lifecycle complexity. If you’ve been working with Kubernetes, you will have run into operators. Operators are designed to automate typical maintenance tasks, from installation to back-ups and scaling. What might surprise you is that operators are capable of doing so much more. Enter the c ...

Sohini Bianka Roy
28 March 2021

Beyond Helm and Kustomize: the Future of Kubernetes Apps

Juju Article

Deciding if you should install Helm vs Kustomize for your Kubernetes deployment? These are great options for day-1 operations but they leave a lot left to be desired on day-2. Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager and Charmed Operators help you manage the entire lifecycle and allow charms to easily integrate with one another while taking car ...

Sohini Bianka Roy
13 August 2020

Registration is now open for microWSLConf 2020

Desktop Article

Join us on September 9th/10th for a free celebration of the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Register Now Canonical is honoured to unite our growing and diverse community for two packed days of presentations, breakout sessions, and workshops on WSL. You’ll get to hear from the core Canonical team, innovative trailblazers in the community, as ...

Sohini Bianka Roy
6 July 2020

Canonical Developer Advocate Named Microsoft MVP

Desktop Article

We would like to congratulate Hayden Barnes, a Developer Advocate at Canonical for Ubuntu on WSL, who was awarded MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft for 2020-2021 for his contributions to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) community. The Microsoft MVP Award is awarded annually by Microsoft to technology experts who passionat ...

Sohini Bianka Roy
22 May 2020

Kubernetes on Windows with MicroK8s and WSL 2

Cloud and server Article

Kubernetes has enjoyed an unparalleled 5-year growth that has revolutionised the IT industry. It has become a key factor for organisations to be successful and have a competitive advantage. In order to optimise these benefits, organisations look for new ways to reduce Kubernetes complexity and get interoperability with other systems. Fast ...

Sohini Bianka Roy
27 April 2020

WSLConf: Sessions Part 2 – DevOps on WSL and more

Ubuntu Article

This is the second blog in our series releasing the WSLConf recordings. Be sure you check out the first blog here. You can also subscribe to our celebrateubuntu YouTube channel to stay up to date with the fresh content and features that will be released soon. Earlier this year, Canonical had the pleasure of hosting ...

Sohini Bianka Roy
21 April 2020

WSLConf: Sessions Part 1 – C++ cross-platform development and more

Desktop Article

Earlier this year, Canonical had the pleasure of hosting WSLConf, a virtual conference dedicated to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). We demonstrated what teamwork and community can achieve when we flipped the in-person conference to a virtual experience in less than a week. WSLConf united developers, security professionals, team lea ...

Sohini Bianka Roy
5 March 2020

WSLConf: The first conference dedicated to Windows Subsystem for Linux goes virtual

Canonical announcements Article

On March 10th and 11th, WSLConf – a conference dedicated to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) – will go 100% virtual and be live-streamed for all its participants, worldwide. WSLConf is a community event, sponsored by Canonical. We will have presentations from developers, security professionals, teams from Canonical and Microsoft, and oth ...