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19 October 2021

Canonical at Cloud Expo Europe Madrid 2021

Cloud and server Article

The leading fair in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Singapore will open the doors of its first edition to C-level experts and executives in Madrid. Canonical will be attending as a Silver level Sponsor, presenting strategies and trends for industry leading companies, as part of the DevOps stream. Register for the event Book a meeting Reduce ...

21 April 2021

Deploying Mattermost and Kubeflow on Kubernetes with Juju 2.9

Charms Article

Since 2009, Juju has been enabling administrators to seamlessly deploy, integrate and operate complex applications across multiple cloud platforms. Juju has evolved significantly over time, but a testament to its original design is the fact that the approach Juju takes to operating workloads hasn’t fundamentally changed; Juju still provid ...