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Partner Executive Summit

Connect with partners from around the globe to learn about open source, from data centre to the cloud.

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Explore the benefits of doing business with open source

More organizations are using open source solutions to benefit from better options and adaptability. This also comes with increased risk and complexity.

Canonical Partner Executive Summits are for senior corporate executives who want the benefits of a comprehensive and fully-supported open source stack for their customers.

  • Connect with leaders and innovators of the open source community
  • Learn about the latest industry trends
  • Understand why some of the world’s largest companies are using open source technology
  • Learn how Canonical helps partners to monetise open source and give their customers the best technology

Upcoming Summits


05 October 2023

Learn about how many of the largest System Integrators are using open source for large-scale digital transformation projects.

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19 October 2023

Join Canonical’s US partners’ business leaders and technology innovators to explore open source opportunities.

Register for Executive Summit Dallas

Past Summits

17 April 2023

Together with AWS and NVIDIA, Canonical’s partners in London met to discuss the power of open source.

14 June 2023

Join our partners in France to explore the advantages of open source for their customers.