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What kind of excellent are you?

Choose 5 that best describe your strengths and ambition


Rigor. Insight. Discovery.

I love figuring out how things work and testing the limits of possibility.


Developing. Nurturing. Coaching.

We all progress faster with the benefit of a trusted and insightful voice.


Commitments. Delivery. Results. Relationships.

The right proposition, at the right time, helps both parties. Relationships matter so I always take the long view.


Mastering mastery. Business, science, style and humanity.

Depth is important. Breadth is where I shine - I get deep enough to hold my own with experts in many fields.


Structure. Correctness. Efficiency.

Building quality software in teams is where I find satisfaction.


Deliberate. Considered. Timely.

Wasting time is wasting opportunity; having a great plan makes the most of our strengths.


Iteration. Perfection. Insight.

People need new tools for new kinds of work. Everything can be improved. Count on me to find that better way.


Situational awareness. Tactics. Agility. Toughness.

I play fair and I play to win. The other people are just as smart as me, but I know how to make the most of the cards I hold.


Neat, Planned, Accurate.

Figuring out how to steer action in the most efficient and most repeatable way possible.


Taste. Truth. Delight. Zen.

I seek the sweet intersection of purpose, priority and presentation. I make complexity disappear.


Solid. Productive. Gritty.

There will be highs, there will be lows, but you can count on me to get things done and keep things moving regardless.


Fortitude. Energy. Insight. Passion. Commerce.

I love the business of science, the science of business, and the design of products and organizations.


Data driven. Detailed. Sceptical.

Understanding what’s really going on, measuring and testing are where I ground my decisions.


Understanding. Insights. Growth.

We manage, measure, trust and improve what we understand. Spreading knowledge benefits every team.


Clarity. Mission. Direction.

Big wins come to those who can rally their team to focus on something difficult. I earn their confidence and trust.


Current. Complex. Ahead.

The future arrives in pieces; I like to know what they mean and how they work.


Hiring. Feedback. Firing.

Excellence comes from the whole team; balancing skills and requiring the utmost competence and commitment.


Security specialist. Criminologist. Fiend. Bacon saver.

I bring a proactive dose of cold hard reality, assessing the limits of design and implementation.


Generous. Open. Giving.

We are part of a rising tide of open source because people have been willing to give ideas and work away. I want to be part of that.


Freedom. Exploration. Culture.

It’s a small world and I intend to see much of it. Have passport, will travel.


Caring. Making a difference.

Nobody is an expert in everything; sharing expertise and helping people over a hump makes all of us more effective.


Triage. Analysis. Experience.

I shine when things go sideways in a complex environment. Count on me for correct root cause analysis and rapid, helpful corrective measures.

Problem Solver

Determined. Constructive.

Nothing of consequence goes perfectly smoothly. I like to handle tough situations effectively. I keep cool, I keep priorities clear, I find a way.


The means determine the ends.

I am who I am because of how I treat others. Success is only satisfying when it’s fairly won.