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Carlos Bravo
on 14 May 2024

Ubuntu Pro for EKS is now generally available

May 14, 2024 – Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, is delighted to announce the general availability of Ubuntu Pro for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). This expansion brings robust security offerings to AWS’ managed Kubernetes service, including enhanced uptime and security through Kernel Livepatch and unrestricted access to Pro containers to Amazon EKS, a managed Kubernetes services to run Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on-premises data centers.

Amazon EKS clusters running containers with additional security

Running an Ubuntu Pro cluster will give customers access to an unlimited registry of containers, with expanded security coverage for your apps and uninterrupted security patches to the kernel in underlying nodes.

“We are excited to announce Ubuntu Pro as a new option for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) users,” said Barry Cooks, VP Kubernetes at Amazon Web Services (AWS). “At AWS, we strive to provide our customers with the broadest selection of tools and services to help them build, deploy, and run their applications. With Ubuntu Pro now available on Amazon EKS, customers can migrate their on-premises Ubuntu Pro estates to Amazon EKS with the same secure, compliant, and supported open-source operating system that they know and trust.”

“At Civis Analytics the stability and security provided by Ubuntu Pro is critical to our security posture,” said Sean Mann, Director of Infrastructure and Security at Civis Analytics. “The integration of Ubuntu Pro with Amazon EKS streamlines the deployment process, eliminating the need for manual configuration steps previously required for Ubuntu Pro implementation within Amazon EKS environments. This will streamline our image-building process and give DevOps engineers more time to focus on other critical efforts.”

Amazon EKS extended support coverage with Ubuntu Pro

The EKS extended support period provides an additional 12 months of support for Kubernetes minor versions. Ubuntu Pro for Amazon EKS extends the support to the cluster (worker nodes), aligning with the security coverage period for the complete Amazon EKS lifecycle.

Ubuntu Pro for EKS: how it works

Ubuntu Pro for Amazon EKS is an optimised Amazon Machine Image (AMI) based on the official Ubuntu Minimal LTS image. It includes the AWS optimised kernel, Amazon EKS binaries and an additional layer of Ubuntu Pro services such as kernel livepatch and Expanded Security Maintenance. 

These images have been built specifically for the Amazon EKS service, and are therefore not intended as general OS images.

Running Amazon EKS with Ubuntu Pro clusters will also entitle customers to run containers with Expanded Security Maintenance, covering all the third-party open source software. Ubuntu Pro also provides compliance tools, such as CIS hardening and FIPS for FedRAMP.

“Canonical and AWS have a longstanding relationship delivering a reliable, secure, and consistent experience across their ecosystems,” said Alex Gallagher, Vice President of Public Cloud at Canonical. “With Ubuntu Pro now available on EKS, customers can launch containers in Amazon EKS and take advantage of all security and compliance features for Ubuntu Pro including Livepatch and FIPS. This advancement highlights our ongoing commitment to facilitating open-source software, ensuring freedom and security.”

How to launch EKS clusters with Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Pro on EKS is available on EC2 and also the AWS Marketplace. Customers can deploy their Ubuntu Pro clusters using EC2 Launch Templates or eksctl.

Learn more about launching Ubuntu Pro clusters in the official documentation page.

Contact us if you need phone and ticket support or wish to discuss specific needs at or

About Canonical

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, provides open source security, support and services. Our portfolio covers critical systems: from the smallest devices to the largest clouds, from the kernel to containers, from databases to AI. With customers ranging from top tech brands and emerging startups, to governments and home users, Canonical delivers trusted open source for everyone. 

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