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Andreea Munteanu
on 27 July 2023

A podcast on open source, machine learning and levelling the playing field for data-driven innovation. 

In a world where generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are the new hot topics, having conversations about machine learning, MLOps or open source is a real need. This is what we had in mind when we first thought of Ubuntu AI, a podcast where we meet and have conversations about artificial intelligence, open source tooling, machine learning operations and the future of innovation. Ubuntu AI is a podcast that seeks to drive change in this vibrant community.

If you are curious, tune in now

Why Ubuntu AI?

Ubuntu is the Linux distribution of choice for many data scientists and machine learning engineers. Its powerful command line, security patching and compatibility with underlying compute power make it an ideal tool for AI. Ubuntu, like many other open source technologies, are levelling the playing field for data-driven innovation. In this podcast, we discuss how open source tooling is paving the way for a new era in this exciting industry. 

Ubuntu AI hosts

Ubuntu AI brings conversations about artificial intelligence, open source tooling, machine learning operations and the future of innovations. We cover technical and business conversations focused on open source technology and its impact.

I am Andreea Munteanu, Canonical’s AI/ML Product Manager, and am joined by my co-host Maciej Mazur, Principal AI/ML Engineer. The podcast gives you an insider’s view on our product strategy and insight into modern enterprises’ needs. 

Maciej is a technical leader with 10+ years of experience in machine learning, telecommunication, and solution architecture. Specialised in machine learning and data engineering, he is the customer-facing image of Canonical MLOps. Maciej has overseen AI/ML  deployments on any cloud environment, whether it is public, private or hybrid, and has extensive experience building solution architectures.

I lead the MLOps area. With a background in Data Science in various industries, such as retail or telecommunications, I used AI techniques to enable enterprises to benefit from their initiatives and make data-driven decisions. Today, I help enterprises get started with their AI projects and then deploy them to production, using secure and stable open source solutions.

Ubuntu AI

We will publish an episode every 2 weeks,  streaming on various platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Are you curious? Great!  See if we’re available on your favourite streaming service using  Buzzsprout

Listen now

The first episode gives you an intro to the topic of Ubuntu AI. 

Be part of our journey

Projects can only grow if people become part of our journey. Subscribe to get notified about the next episode, and share it within your network, so others can also listen to us and provide your feedback so we can improve. Any topic you would like to hear more about?  Reach out to us directly and we will cover it.

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