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Blog posts tagged
"web apps"

Eduardo Aguilar Pelaez
24 June 2020

MAAS 2.8 – new features

MAAS Article

What’s new? This new release of MAAS brings three key new benefits: Virtual machines with LXD (Beta) Tighter, more responsive UX External/remote PostgreSQL database If you know what you want, go to, otherwise let’s dive in and explore these further. Virtual machines (VMs) with LXD (Beta) MAAS 2.8 can set up L XD-based VM ...

Peter Mahnke
19 May 2019

Design and Web team summary – 10 May 2019

Ubuntu Design

It was another busy iteration for the web and design team, trying to get a lot of work wrapped up before we head off to Lyon, France for our 19.10 Roadmap cycle kick-off. ...

Peter Mahnke
20 March 2019

Design and Web team summary – 15 March 2019

Cloud and server Design

This was a fairly busy two weeks for the Web & design team at Canonical. Here are some of the highlights of our completed work. Web team Homepage takeovers This iteration we designed and built four takeovers for our home pages including: The German version of compliance webinar The German version of AI/ML webinar A ...

Anthony Dillon
20 February 2019

Design and Web team summary – 20 February 2019

Cloud and server Design

Snapcraft squad Report a Snap Last year, a snap was found in the Snap Store using computing resources for bitcoin mining without user consent. This software was retired from the Store after further investigation and highlighted the need for users to report potential snaps violating trademark, copyright or terms and conditions ...

23 July 2012

Introducing web apps

Ubuntu Design

As you might have heard from the blogosphere, we are going to start to ship our take on web apps. Let me take the opportunity to explain to you some of the reasoning behind them and some of their characteristics. Why I would split the why question in more parts. Is the Web relevant? Today, ...