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Blog posts tagged

Goulin Khoge
14 October 2022

Introducing a VSCode extension for Vanilla CSS Framework

Ubuntu Article

The Vanilla CSS Framework is a utility class-based and customizable SASS library that is the go-to when it comes to styling websites and dashboards across the majority of projects at Canonical. Knowing all the class utilities could be tricky. That’s why we make sure that our documentation is up-to-date and accessible as much as possible. ...

12 October 2021

Top 6 projects from our Hackathon

Design Article

On the 4th and the 5th of October 2021, the Web & Design team ran a remote Hackathon. The theme of it was to build tools that would make our life easier at Canonical. Creativity and collaboration are at the heart of any Hackathon. 26 visual and UX designers, developers and project managers split into ...

8 February 2021

Open source, teamwork and mental health: my FOSDEM 2021

Ubuntu Article

For the past 4 years I have participated in FOSDEM, a conference about free and open source software for developers. I love this event. It’s a welcome opportunity to see friends, watch great talks and drink excellent Belgium beer. Unfortunately, this year it was a remote event. The event was managed via matrix, a decentralized ...

Rhys Davies
10 April 2020

Robotics pages on Ubuntu: bridging the gap

Robotics Article

Today, 10/04/2020, new robotics pages went live on We want to show our involvement, our stance and our support for ROS and robotics. These three pages cover what we do in the robotics space, Canonical’s involvement with ROS and Open Robotics, and the relevance of community in the field of robotics. Our intention is ...

Peter Mahnke
18 February 2020

Design and Web team summary – 14 February 2020

Ubuntu Design

The Web and Design team at Canonical looks after most of our main websites, the brand, our Vanilla CSS framework and several of our products with web front-ends.  Here are some of the highlights of our completed work over our last two-week iteration. Web & Brand squad Our Web Squad develops and maintains most of ...

Francisco Jiménez Cabrera
15 November 2019

We reduced our Docker images by 60% with –no-install-recommends

Cloud and server Article

Here at Canonical, we use Dockerfiles on a daily basis for all our web projects. Something that caught our attention recently was the amount of space that we were using for each Docker image, and we realized that we were installing more dependencies than we needed. In this article, I’ll explain how we improved our ...

Karl Williams
13 February 2019

A fresh look for

Desktop Article

Updating the design of the Ubuntu Releases website using Vanilla Framework ...

Robin Winslow
26 January 2019

Our new team practices site, and the democratic repository behind it

Desktop Design

A month ago, we published our web and design team practices website, from the repository that we’ve been building up for nearly two years now. I’ll try to explain why I am so proud of it. Why practices? A strong team needs agreed standards and principles, to help anchor discussions and illuminate common goals. When ...

Maximilian Ehlers
21 December 2018

Our Kubernetes deployment pipeline

Desktop Design

A few weeks ago I joined the web and design team here at Canonical, in the Base Squad, which is our backend team. One of the things that we are responsible for is deploying the code to our different staging and production environments. With multiple features being developed simultaneously, bugs being fixed, and some parts ...

Anthony Dillon
19 December 2018

Design and Web team summary – 19 December 2018

Cloud and server Article

Welcome to the latest work and updates from the design and web team. Base squad This week, the bulk of our work was on improving our internal system for employee reviews, but we found time to squeeze in a few other things: We also progressed with the initial work for moving our Juju documentation into ...

Robin Winslow
12 December 2018

How to manage your Git history: Tips for keeping your commits tidy

Desktop Design

One of the things we’re currently working on in the web and design team is a page about writing Git commit messages for our team practices website (I hope to write more about the practices website itself in the coming days). As part of that discussion, we jotted down some quick tips for managing commit ...

2 August 2018

Opera launches as a Snap for Linux users

Desktop Article

London, UK, 02 August 2018: Opera and Canonical today announce that Opera, the popular web browser, is now available as a Snap in the Snap Store. Opera is the latest notable addition to the Snap Store providing ever more choice to Linux users via an easy to install, always up to date application direct from ...

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