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Alan Griffiths
19 December 2018

Unity8: a project that uses Mir

Desktop Article

Unity8 is a graphical shell targeting a range of devices and form factors including phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Unity8 uses the facility to customize Mir’s default window management to give its “convergent” experience. In addition to the phones and tablets supported by Ubuntu Touch work is in progress to adapt Unity8 for use on ...

Will Cooke
1 December 2017

Ubuntu Desktop Weekly Update: December 1, 2017

Desktop Article

GNOME GNOME Disk Utility If you have snaps installed and open the Disks utility, your snaps appear as loop devices. We found this to be confusing and a bit messy, so we have proposed a fix upstream and this should be merged soon. Theme The community theme topic has been very busy on the hub. Yesterday we ...

Iain Lane
3 July 2017

Switching from Unity to Gnome-Shell: first challenges

Desktop Article

I work at Canonical, on the desktop team. The team works on Ubuntu Desktop, publishing a release every six months containing the fruits of our efforts — or at least those ones that are ready enough for real people to use. For the next release (out in October), we were given a big task. Switch the desktop ...

Amrisha Prashar
3 November 2016

Ubuntu 16.10 brings Unity 8 to desktop and more snap installations

Desktop Article

The recent release of Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak includes a developer preview of Unity 8 for desktop and the installation of snaps! The universal ‘snap’ Linux packages combine both container and packaging technologies to give developers a single format to distribute their apps and services from cloud to personal computing and IoT. Some of t ...

Will Cooke
19 September 2016

Low Graphics Mode in Unity 7

Desktop Article

Unity 7 has had a low graphics mode for a long time but recently we’ve been making it better. Improvements have been made to reduce the amount of visual effects that are seen while running in low graphics mode.  At a high level this includes things like: Reducing the amount of animation in elements such as the window switcher, launcher an ...

Pawel Stolowski
11 June 2015

Cleaning up scopes settings

Phone and tablet Article

The scopes architecture on Unity 7, which provides the Ubuntu shell and default UX experience on current desktops, and Unity 8, which powers the phone and soon the convergent desktop, differ to a large degree when it comes to visibility of data sources ...

15 November 2012

Unity Technologies releases 4.0 including game export for Ubuntu

Ubuntu Partners

The Unity cross-platform development tool version 4 has been released from beta into the growing world of Ubuntu game development. Every Unity developer is now only a few clicks away from publishing in the Ubuntu Software Center with Unity 4.0’s new Linux Deployment Preview. You can download a 30-day preview of all the Pro features, ...

18 September 2012

Humble Indie Bundle 6 brings six new games to the Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Partners

UPDATE: We’ve just added four more amazing titles to the Humble Indie Bundle 6! If you’ve already picked up a bundle, you’ll find BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown, and Wizorb available now if you beat the average. This brings the bundle to ten games strong! Humble Indie Bundle 6 is upon us – and ...

Mark Shuttleworth
27 March 2012

Holistic UI is smarter UX

Ubuntu Design

It’s only by looking at the whole, that we can design great experiences. And only by building a community of both system and application developers that care about the whole, that we can make those designs real. ...

16 February 2012

The Unity design process (and how you can play a part in it)

Ubuntu Design

How is Unity designed?  How can I contribute to this process?  Why did you make thus and such decision? The Unity Design Team is frequently asked these questions, and this article aims to de-mystify our design process and highlight the different ways in which volunteer contributions can help improve the Ubuntu user experience. Before divi ...

Mark Shuttleworth
24 January 2012

Introducing the HUD. Say hello to the future of the menu.

Ubuntu Design

The HUD replaces traditional menus in applications targeting Unity. Say what you mean, instead of navigating through a tree of options. Initially the HUD is shaped as a fast and smart look-ahead search through menus, but over the next four releases, it will gain more sophisticated kinds of interaction. ...

Mark Shuttleworth
27 November 2011

Ubuntu TV discussions hot up

Ubuntu Design

Threads are coalescing around the concept of an Ubuntu TV experience, driven by Unity. ...

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