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Blog posts tagged
"Ubuntu WSL"

Oliver Smith
6 July 2023

Comparing Ubuntu vs macOS for enterprise developers

Desktop Article

Choosing the right operating system for your enterprise developers is a strategic choice. Ubuntu vs macOS, which is right for you? ...

Oliver Smith
14 June 2023

How we improved testing Ubuntu on WSL – and how you can too!

Ubuntu Article

We’ve created a set of new GitHub actions to improve testing on WSL and deliver a robust Ubuntu experience for Windows developers. Try them yourself today! ...

Oliver Smith
20 April 2023

Ubuntu Desktop 23.04 release roundup

Desktop Article

Packed with new features, Ubuntu Desktop 23.04 includes new tools for gamers, developers and organisations. Join us on a tour of the highlights! ...

Oliver Smith
4 January 2023

WSL and Ubuntu: 2022 year in review

Desktop Article

Join us as we look back at some of the transformative changes to WSL over the last year as well as a roundup of our personal highlights and Ubuntu insights. ...

Oliver Smith
21 September 2022

Systemd support lands in WSL – unleash the full power of Ubuntu today

Ubuntu Article

Systemd support has arrived in WSL! This long-awaited upgrade to WSL unlocks a huge number of quality of life features for managing processes and services. ...

Oliver Smith
11 May 2022

Explore what’s in store – Ubuntu Preview on WSL

Ubuntu Article

Ubuntu Preview delivers the latest daily builds of Ubuntu WSL directly to your Windows machine. Try out the latest features as they are developed! ...

Oliver Smith
10 May 2022

HP brings the power of Ubuntu-based data science to Windows workstations

Ubuntu Article

Ubuntu is fast becoming the platform of choice for data scientists worldwide – which is why HP is empowering its customers to launch Ubuntu environments directly on their Windows machines. In addition to native Ubuntu offerings, select Z by HP workstations are also available with Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2) pre-installed and pre ...

Oliver Smith
25 April 2022

Upgrade your data science workflows with Ubuntu WSL

Ubuntu Article

Learn how using Ubuntu WSL on Windows workstations can improve your data science workflows and reduce the time to innovation in our new whitepaper. ...

Oliver Smith
22 April 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – what’s new for the world’s most popular Linux desktop?

Desktop Article

The latest Linux Desktop release delivers improved performance, fully-featured Active Directory integration and expanded Raspberry Pi support. ...

Maciej Mazur
10 December 2021

WSL for data scientist

AI Article

Windows Subsystem for Linux for data scientists Ubuntu is the number one choice for data scientists worldwide. It is also by far the most popular Linux distribution used on public clouds with machine learning offerings. However, we don’t forget about our Windows friends – many of whom had their operating system chosen by corporate IT ...

Leia Ruffini
13 April 2021

Ubuntu in the wild – 13th of April 2021

Cloud and server Article

The Ubuntu in the wild blog post ropes in the latest highlights about Ubuntu and Canonical around the world on a bi-weekly basis. ...

Sohini Bianka Roy
31 March 2021

Announcing Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview – WSL 2

Ubuntu Article

We are thrilled to release the Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview, a special build of Ubuntu for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that serves as a sandbox for experimenting with new features and functionality. The new Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview is our way of thanking our community and providing a space for the community to ...

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