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Blog posts tagged
"Ubuntu on Azure"

Aaron Whitehouse
12 September 2023

Ubuntu Explained: How to ensure security and stability in cloud instances—part 1

Cloud and server Article

The LTS philosophy, releases, updates and repositories explained Since we launched Ubuntu Pro’s Expanded Security Maintenance for additional packages, and we now integrate more closely with public cloud update management tools, more people have been asking us about the Ubuntu archive and how this is divided and security patched. In this b ...

Wajeeha Hamid
1 November 2022

Public cloud for telco – Part 3: Microsoft Azure

Cloud and server Article

This is the third blog from a series focusing on how public clouds meet telecommunication operators’ business demands. In the previous two blogs, we talked about how Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform have enabled telcos to run critical workloads on public clouds. In this last part of our series, you’ll hear about ...