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Blog posts tagged
"Ubuntu Frame"

Gabriel Aguiar Noury
28 March 2022

The journey from mir-kiosk to Ubuntu Frame

Internet of Things Article

We now deliver Ubuntu Frame, a display server for embedded devices that makes it easy for developers to deploy their graphics applications on Linux. Ubuntu Frame simplifies the development of embedded displays such as digital signage solutions, kiosks, IoT devices, robots, and more. In this blog, we will discuss the migration from mir-kio ...

Gabriel Aguiar Noury
28 February 2022

Mir 2.7 brings idle timeout and OSK support for Qt applications

Internet of Things Article

We are glad to announce the release of Mir 2.7 — our open source and secure display server for building Wayland-based shells. Mir provides a set of libraries and a Wayland compositor with integrated window management. This new release brings to you an idle timeout and on-screen keyboard (OSK) support for Qt applications. This blog ...

Gabriel Aguiar Noury
25 February 2022

Developing GUIs for IoT is easier with Ubuntu Frame on-screen keyboard

Internet of Things Article

Isn’t it nice when things just work? When you don’t have to worry about every single detail but only about what creates value? Imagine that you are building a digital kiosk using a touch screen. To log in, users need to input their credentials. Do you want to spend time integrating an on-screen keyboard or ...

Igor Ljubuncic
3 December 2021

Ubuntu Frame – A picture is worth a thousand snaps

Internet of Things Article

The development of graphical applications intended for use on IoT devices isn’t trivial. The complexity goes beyond the usual challenges that exist in the classic desktop and server domains. One, the IoT world is much less mature. Two, developers need to take into consideration various edge cases that do not apply to hands-on devices like ...

Gabriel Aguiar Noury
13 October 2021

Mir 2.5, incorporating new features to improve the development of embedded graphic applications

Internet of Things Article

With another release of Mir, we have prepared a new blog with the a roundup of the product’s newest features. Mir is our flexible display server that provides a set of libraries and a Wayland compositor for building Wayland-based shells with integrated window management. Today, Canonical is launching Mir 2.5, a new version of Mir ...