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Gabriel Aguiar Noury
22 August 2021

The State of Robotics – July 2021

Robotics Article

From autonomous mobile robots to robot butlers. It is impressive to see how much progress has been made in the last decade.  Thanks to our open source robotics community we keep learning, and this newsletter is filled with events, R&D updates, new products and tutorials for you. Thanks July!  Open source robotics events – ROS ...

3 September 2020

Tutorial: Getting Started with ROS

Robotics Article

ROS, the Robot Operating System, is the platform of choice for robot development. However, the breadth and depth of existing documentation can be daunting for the ROS beginner. Where should you start learning about ROS 2 on Ubuntu? All robots based on ROS and ROS 2 are programmed using five simple but core constructs: Nodes ...