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Tytus Kurek
13 July 2021

Ubuntu becomes #1 OS for OpenStack deployment

Cloud and server Article

One of the core values of Canonical, that we all identify with, is the mission of bringing the power of open source to everyone on the planet. From developing to developed countries. From individuals to big enterprises. From engineers to CEOs. And there is only one way to find out if we are efficient in ...

Rhys Davies
20 May 2020

The Eclipse 2020 IoT developer survey is live

Internet of Things Article

The IoT Developer Survey, by The Eclipse Foundation, is the industry’s largest developer survey. These surveys centralise useful, high-level information about the IoT industry. The goal of the survey is to present a better understanding of the IoT industry; the challenges developers face, and to provide insight into developer communities ...

Rhys Davies
22 April 2020

Ubuntu 20.04 survey results

Cloud and server Article

In December 2019, we asked you what you thought were the most important things for us to include in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (now live!) 21,862 people took the survey, and have since become a part of our decision-making processes. We would like to thank each and everyone who spent their time to take this survey, ...

Rhys Davies
9 December 2019

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS feature planning and priority survey

Cloud and server Article

This 10-15 minute survey will shape Canonical’s work on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and beyond. Tell us what’s important for you! We care equally about personal, community, research and commercial projects. Whether you are an enterprise IT director, or a scientist, or a hobbyist, we want to honour the contributions of thousands of developers to all ...

21 January 2019

What will be the biggest development trends in 2019?

Cloud and server Article

What’s the most popular programming language today among software developers? It’s still JavaScript, with over 10M users globally. Python has reached 7M active developers and is climbing up the ranks. How do we know that? Thanks to the Developer Economics survey. Every year it reaches over 40,000 developers in 167+ countries to discover w ...

Amrisha Prashar
10 February 2017

Vision Mobile: State of the developer nation infographic

Internet of Things Article

Our friends at Vision mobile have just released an infographic featuring their top contributing communities for the State of the Developer Nation Q1 2017 – and we’re featured! The infographic features partner descriptions, tools and technologies as featured in their previous survey. Check out their reports here that showcase facts and fig ...

Amrisha Prashar
21 November 2016

VisionMobile: State of the Developer Nation Survey

Desktop Article

We’re proud to be supporting the State of the Developer Nation Survey run by our friends at VisionMobile! This is the 12th developer survey, focusing on a 360 view of developer tools, skills and salaries. The survey features questions on topics like programming languages, platforms, app categories, new technologies, revenue models, IoT ve ...

12 April 2016

Ubuntu OpenStack growth confirmed by latest OpenStack User Survey

Cloud and server Article

The most recent OpenStack user survey has gone live. In it we see tremendous growth for Ubuntu OpenStack in production clouds. We’re super excited about the support the community continues to show for Ubuntu. Here at Canonical we get to work with the world’s largest production OpenStack clouds, from telco to big data and pure ...

James Donner
30 January 2015

Canonical Cloud Chatter: January 2015 Newsletter

Cloud and server Article

This month, we had some news on Snappy, MAAS and Mojo, but also the results to our annual cloud survey are in! If that was not enough, find out more about our event plans over the next few weeks and sign up for our latest webinar! Here’s a quick recap of an exciting start to 2015. “Snappy” ...

29 March 2012

Ubuntu User Surveys 2012 – Part 4 and Final

Ubuntu open source

I wanted to know what the reasons were for people choosing Ubuntu. After all there are other better-known choices out there. For the respondents across all three surveys, open source stood out as the key attribute, true whatever the age of the respondents and whenever they adopted Ubuntu. Curiosity was almost equally as important, and ...

27 March 2012

Ubuntu User Surveys 2012 – Part 3

Ubuntu Canonical News

So as promised let’s take a look a the next set of results from the Ubuntu Survey.  I am going to bundle together the broader world of Ubuntu looking at other OSes people use, Ubuntu One usage, whether people are interested in the new products announced and likelihood to purchase Ubuntu pre-installed. As usual where ...

22 March 2012

Ubuntu User Surveys 2012 – Part 2

Ubuntu Canonical News

Yesterday we looked at the demographics of the respondents to the survey and some observations about the validity of the date. I recommend you read that post first. Today though we are going to dive a little more into how people first discovered Ubuntu and installed it. How long have you used Ubuntu? I wanted ...

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