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Blog posts tagged
"snap development"

Igor Ljubuncic
3 September 2021

Snapcraft 6.0 is around the corner

Ubuntu Article

A good sign of maturity and confidence in software is when said software utilizes its own components for future development and enablement. Snapcraft is a command-line utility that allows developers to package and distribute their applications as snaps. But Snapcraft itself is also distributed as a snap, and built in the same manner! Toda ...

Igor Ljubuncic
29 May 2020

Snapcraft development tips: how to troubleshoot snaps with services

Cloud and server Article

In the past, we have discussed various ways on how to debug and troubleshoot potential issues during snap development. The ability to quickly iterate, resolve build process hurdles and publish the application in a timely manner is essential to a robust, positive development experience. Today, we would like to outline a few basic tips and ...

Igor Ljubuncic
20 May 2020

Experimental feature: progressive releases

Cloud and server Article

“No plan survives contact with the enemy.” This is a quote famously attributed to the Prussian field marshal Helmuth von Moltke. It is also quite applicable to software development: “No code survives contact with the user.” In mission-critical environments, staggered deployments of software are a crucial part of controlled updates, design ...

Ted Kern
14 December 2019

How to build ROS 2 Eloquent Snaps

Internet of Things Article

The end of 2019 brings about the latest ROS 2 release – Eloquent Elusor. Despite an ever growing set of features and some changes throughout the ecosystem, packaging with snaps is as easy as always. Let’s go through a quick example! Prerequisites You’ll need two tools: “snapcraft,” the program that builds snaps, and “multipass,” the ...

Robert Ancell
19 February 2019

Easy IoT with Ubuntu Core and Raspberry Pi

Internet of Things Article

My current job involves me mostly working in the upper layers of the desktop software stack however I started out working in what was then called embedded engineering but now would probably be know as the Internet of Things (IoT). I worked on a number of projects which normally involved taking some industrial equipment (radio ...

16 May 2017

DataArt release new version of Alexa Virtual Device for Raspberry Pi

Internet of Things Article

This is a guest post by DataArt. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact This project aims to provide the ability to bring Alexa to any Linux device including embedded systems like Raspberry Pi or DragonBoard boards. The binary release is packed into a snap package, which is a perfect ...

Sergio Schvezov
17 February 2017

Snapcraft 2.27 has been released

Cloud and server Article

Hello snapcrafters! We are pleased to announce the release snapcraft 2.27: Contributions This release has seen some contributions from outside of the snapcraft core team, so we want to give a shout out to these folks, here’s a team thank you for: Colin Watson John Lenton Kit Randel Loïc Mini ...

Thibaut Rouffineau
22 September 2016, a new snap is landing on your Nextcloud Box and beyond

Internet of Things Article

Last week Nextcloud, Western Digital and Canonical launched the Nextcloud box, a simple box powered by a Raspberry Pi to easily build a private cloud storage service at home . With the Nextcloud box, you are already securely sharing files with your colleagues, friends, and/or family. The team at has been asking “Why not ...