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Valeria Kokina
27 June 2024

Meet Canonical at SIGGRAPH 2024: Innovating Animation and VFX

Ubuntu Article

We are coming to Siggraph 2024. Discover how Ubuntu and other Canonical solutions can drive innovation in animation and enable secure usage of open-source software. ...

Erick Bryant
31 July 2023

Explore the future of storytelling with Ubuntu. Meet us at Siggraph 2023

Ubuntu Article

Canonical will participate in Siggraph 2023 in Los Angeles on August 8 -10 for the second time to help you explore the future of storytelling with Ubuntu. This is an additional step in working even closer with the VFX Media & Entertainment community. Siggraph 2022 Last year we built a dedicated team to support Linux ...

Erick Bryant
13 September 2022

Ubuntu at SIGGRAPH 2022: What’s new in the world of Linux and VFX

Desktop Article

Canonical attended its first SIGGRAPH event, which was a significant step in working more closely with the VFX and Media & Entertainment community. ...

Marina Khachatryan
1 August 2022

Canonical at SIGGRAPH 2022

Server Article

Ubuntu by Canonical is proud to announce we will be attending SIGGRAPH 2022 ...