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Benjamin Zeller
28 November 2016

Ubuntu SDK meets snapcraft

Internet of Things Article

Everyone who has followed Ubuntu lately for sure stumbled across the snappy technology, which does not only bring the new cross-distro packaging format “snap” but also a sandboxing technology for apps, as well as transactional updates that can be rolled back in case of an update going wrong and a new way of installing and ...

29 September 2016

Releasing the 4.1.0 Ubuntu SDK IDE

Desktop Article

The testing phase took longer than we have expected but finally we are ready. To compensate this delay we have even upgraded the IDE to the most recent 4.1.0 QtCreator. Based on QtCreator 4.1.0 We have based the new IDE on the most recent QtCreator upstream release, which brings a lot of new features and ...

10 December 2015

Helsinki SDK sprint

Ubuntu User Experience

We arrived in Helsinki on Sunday evening, ready to start our week long SDK sprint on Monday. Our hotel was in a nice location, by the sea. The work stuff The SDK is a core part of Ubuntu and provides an array of components and flexibility needed to create applications across staged and windowed form ...

12 June 2015

SDK Convergence Sprint 2015

Ubuntu Design

Last week the SDK team gathered in London for a sprint that focused on convergence, which consisted of pulling apart each component and discussing ways in which each would adapt to different form factors. The SDK provides off-the-shelf UI components that make up our Ubuntu apps; however now we’re entering the world of Unity 8 ...

26 February 2014

Announcing the third Ubuntu app showdown contest!

Phone and tablet News

Today we announce the launch of our third Ubuntu App Showdown contest! We are excited to bring you yet another engaging developer competition, where the Ubuntu app developer community brings innovative and interesting new apps for Ubuntu on mobile devices. Contestants will have six weeks to build and publish their apps using the new Ubunt ...

24 July 2013

Ubuntu Touch SDK beta

Phone and tablet News

Today we are announcing the Ubuntu SDK Beta. The SDK provides a set of APIs that includes the UI toolkit, enabling developers to create responsive and interactive applications with a native Ubuntu mobile UI. Qt Creator is an IDE with a visual interface for writing, testing and deploy applications; its API documentation and a developer ...