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Blog posts tagged
"ROS Support"

Gabriel Aguiar Noury
3 June 2021

ROS Kinetic migration and its challenges – A community perspective.

Robotics Article

ROS Kinetic has come to EOL. We have discussed the impact of EOL in the past, but with its final sync out on May 12th, ROS Kinetic is no longer supported. Together with Ubuntu Xenial, both distributions will no longer receive security updates or bug fixes.  ROS second LTS release became the largest rosdistro with ...

Gabriel Aguiar Noury
26 April 2021

ROS ESM: 15 things you need to know

Robotics Article

With the announcement of Robot Operating System (ROS) Expanded Security Maintenance (ESM), we have received many questions from people in the robotics community who are interested in learning about this enterprise solution. This blog aims to answer some of the most common questions. For more background on this, please have a look at the R ...

Gabriel Aguiar Noury
6 April 2021

What is ROS Extended Security Maintenance?

Robotics Article

Developing robots is not like building apps or IoT devices. Robots balance complex features such as scene awareness, social intelligence, physical intelligence, communication, dialogue, learning from interaction, memory, long-term autonomy, safe failure… the list goes on and on.  As a result, robotics startups can take years to get to a m ...