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Blog posts tagged

Maarten Ectors
5 April 2017

How Bosch Rexroth is innovating the PLC market

Internet of Things Article

Last year I introduced a new concept called App Logic Controller or ALC. You basically run an app store on a PLC type of device and as such any industrial protocol, edge analytics, cloud or other industrial integration is an app away. Developers can make industrial solutions in days if not hours via open source ...

Maarten Ectors
13 March 2017

This elevator catches intruders, saves lives, generates money, …

Internet of Things Article

The world is becoming software defined and most people don’t realise what this means until software apps and app stores invade their day to day objects like elevators. This blog post is about the smartest elevator demoed at MWC17 and the future of elevators with app stores. What happens if we add artificial intelligence to ...

Maarten Ectors
19 May 2015

IoT World and the power of Snappy Apps everywhere

Internet of Things Article

IoT World was an eye opener for many. The same open source operating system that everybody loves from the cloud now powered the first smart fridge with apps from GE, the first Ubuntu Core drone with apps from Erle-Robotics, industrial gateways with apps, Pengiun Computing professional top of the rack switches with apps, Acer smart home hu ...