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Blog posts tagged

22 September 2022

ROS orchestration with snaps

Robotics Article

Application orchestration is the process of integrating applications together to automate and synchronise processes. In robotics, this is essential, especially on complex systems that involve a lot of different processes working together. But, ROS applications are usually launched all at once from one top-level launch file. With orchestra ...

Tytus Kurek
8 February 2021

Hybrid cloud – everything you need to know

Cloud and server Article

Hybrid cloud allows businesses to optimise their costs associated with cloud infrastructure maintenance. It also brings many other benefits, such as business continuity, compliance, better scalability and improved agility. According to the Forrester Wave: Hybrid Cloud Management, Q4 2020, hybrid cloud is an essential technology that every ...

Wajeeha Hamid
18 December 2020

What’s new in Open Source MANO: multi-cloud orchestration, operator lifecycle management, and more..

Ubuntu Article

Open source MANO (OSM) community recently added two more bricks in the wall of NFV orchestration events: OSM Release NINE and OSM#10 Hackfest. The community has come a long way to mature OSM into its 9th version. A toast to all the system integrators, network operators, researchers, and VNF vendors who have hit the home ...

Igor Ljubuncic
1 October 2020

How to make snaps and configuration management tools work together

Cloud and server Article

In environments with large numbers of client machines, configuration management tools are often used to simplify and standardize the target state of each host in a seamless, automated and consistent manner. Software like CFEngine, Chef, Ansible, and others offer a high degree of granular control over software packaging and system configur ...

Tytus Kurek
16 October 2019

Ansible vs Terraform vs Juju: Competition or cooperation?

DevOps Article

Ansible vs Terraform vs Juju vs Chef vs SaltStack vs Puppet vs CloudFormation – there are so many tools available out there. What are these tools? Do I need all of them? Are they competing with each other or cooperating? The answer is not really straightforward. It usually depends on your needs and the particular ...

31 May 2018

Simplifying deployment and management of edge clouds with

Cloud and server Webinar

Title: Simplifying deployment and management of edge clouds Speakers: Matt Akins & Brandon Williams Date/Time: June 13, 12:00PM EST / 5:00PM BST Canonical recently announced a partnership with to simplify cloud management. Canonical brings scale, performance, and reliability to the cloud as well as ease of installation through J ...

24 July 2013

Could your startup use some cloud magic?

Cloud and server Article

As a small startup, it’s frustrating to watch the big companies pushing code to production multiple times a day. In an ideal world we’d all be able to continuously deploy, but few startups have the time or skills required. That’s where we’d like to help. We’re looking to collaborate with startups in building a best-in-class ...

22 July 2013

Juju GUI for continuous deployment/integration and cloud orchestration

Cloud and server News

Juju, the leading tool for continuous deployment, continuous integration (CI/CD), and cloud-neutral orchestration, now has a refreshed GUI with smoother workflows for integration professionals spinning up many services across clouds like Amazon EC2 and a range of public OpenStack providers. The new GUI speeds up service design – conceptua ...