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Blog posts tagged
"Open vSwitch"

Fouaz Bouguerra
17 December 2021

Data centre networking: What is OVN?

Networking Article

Providing an overview of Open Virtual Network (OVN), its architecture and the main drivers behind it in the data centre networking space. ...

Fouaz Bouguerra
30 November 2021

Data centre networking: what is OVS?

Networking Article

Providing an overview of Open vSwitch in the context of open data centre networking, its components and benefits, main implementations and the drivers behind it. ...

Tytus Kurek
25 October 2021

OpenStack Xena and OpenStack Charms 21.10

Cloud and server Article

The release of OpenStack Charms 21.10 brings native support for OpenStack Xena in Charmed OpenStack. This latest version of OpenStack comes with initial support for SmartNICs in Nova and further improvements around Neutron Open Virtual Network (OVN) driver integration.  In order to further simplify the job of the cloud operations teams, t ...

Christian Ehrhardt
5 May 2016

The new simplicity to consume DPDK

Cloud and server Article

DPDK is a fast moving project comprised of a set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing. It utilizes polling threads, huge pages, numa locality and multi core processing to achieve low latencies and a high packet processing rate. Up until recently most guides to consume or experiment with DPDK looked like this: Download ...

19 May 2015

The Open Enterprise Cloud – OpenStack’s Holy Grail?

Cloud and server Article

The way people think about the enterprise IT is changing fast, putting into question many common assumptions on how hardware and software should be designed and deployed. The upending of these long held tenets of Enterprise IT are happening simply due to the innovation brought on by OpenStack and a handful of other successful open ...