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Blog posts tagged
"Open Infrastructure Summit"

Tytus Kurek
14 June 2022

Composable infrastructure, sustainable computing and more: OIS 2022 highlights

Cloud and server Article

OIS 2022 is over, but the OpenInfra community stays tuned for the next OpenInfra Summit, taking place in Vancouver in 2023! This year’s summit in Berlin offered a lot of insightful keynotes and technical sessions. Speakers discussed the most recent trends in the industry, including composable infrastructure and sustainable computing, and ...

Tytus Kurek
10 May 2022

OpenInfra Summit Berlin is coming

Ceph Article

Heads up! The OpenInfra Summit Berlin is coming!!! After the difficult pandemic times, the OpenInfra Summit is finally back. This year the event will take place in Berlin, Germany in June, 7-9. As usual, Canonical will be there to share the latest news about Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes and Infrastructure (LOKI). Canonical at the OpenInfr ...

9 October 2020

Canonical & Ubuntu at Open Infrastructure Summit 2020

Ceph Article

When is Open Infrastructure Summit 2020: October 19th-23rd Where: Everywhere! This year’s OIS is virtual. Get your free ticket Book a meeting This year we’ve probably used the word ‘unprecedented’ almost as often as we’ve said ‘Linux’ and yet life must go on, and certainly so does tech. That’s why we were so thrilled to ...

Tytus Kurek
11 November 2019

Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai 2019: the highlights

Cloud and server Article

The Canonical team is getting back from the Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai 2019 with a lot of excitement and a fresh view on the key projects from the OpenStack Foundation including OpenStack and Kata containers. Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai: Keynotes OpenStack remains a big thing and its adoption is constantly growing. Accord ...