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Blog posts tagged
"Open Infrastructure"

Tytus Kurek
26 October 2022

VMware alternatives: discover open source

Cloud and server Article

Are you looking for VMware alternatives? Think open source – the world’s leading software portfolio. Open-source software enables you to build fully functional virtualisation and cloud infrastructure while ensuring total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction and business continuity. In this blog, we will walk you through the open source ecosy ...

Kris Sharma
10 August 2022

Migrating from VMware to an open-source private cloud in financial services

Financial Services Article

Financial institutions will need to use the right mix of cloud services to maximise application performance while on-boarding innovative new capabilities. How can organisations achieve this cost-benefit balance? ...

Tytus Kurek
14 June 2022

Composable infrastructure, sustainable computing and more: OIS 2022 highlights

Cloud and server Article

OIS 2022 is over, but the OpenInfra community stays tuned for the next OpenInfra Summit, taking place in Vancouver in 2023! This year’s summit in Berlin offered a lot of insightful keynotes and technical sessions. Speakers discussed the most recent trends in the industry, including composable infrastructure and sustainable computing, and ...

Kris Sharma
4 May 2022

Cost optimised private cloud for financial services

Financial Services Article

Why private clouds? Regulatory compliance and data privacy requirements require financial institutions (FIs) to consider carefully where their applications are running and where the customer data is stored. The data protection and data sovereignty laws in most countries require an enterprise to keep data in certain geographic locations. P ...

Tytus Kurek
13 July 2021

Ubuntu becomes #1 OS for OpenStack deployment

Cloud and server Article

One of the core values of Canonical, that we all identify with, is the mission of bringing the power of open source to everyone on the planet. From developing to developed countries. From individuals to big enterprises. From engineers to CEOs. And there is only one way to find out if we are efficient in ...

Kris Sharma
6 July 2021

Finserv open source infrastructure powers digital transformation

Financial Services Article

Covid-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges and opportunities for financial institutions to embrace digital transformation initiatives at pace and scale.  Finservs are enhancing their purview of digital transformation initiatives to stay relevant and create a technology foundation that enables them to quickly bounce back from ...

Sarah Dickinson
2 December 2020

Forecasting the future of cloud with OpenStack experts

Ubuntu Article

OpenStack, the cloud computing platform, has proved to be a beacon of success for open source. It rounds off 10 years in existence this year, a period which has seen it reach nearly 200 countries, and we want to look ahead to what the future holds for the technology.  We’ve spoken to a number of ...

9 October 2020

Canonical & Ubuntu at Open Infrastructure Summit 2020

Ceph Article

When is Open Infrastructure Summit 2020: October 19th-23rd Where: Everywhere! This year’s OIS is virtual. Get your free ticket Book a meeting This year we’ve probably used the word ‘unprecedented’ almost as often as we’ve said ‘Linux’ and yet life must go on, and certainly so does tech. That’s why we were so thrilled to ...

Tytus Kurek
1 June 2020

Open source software for open infrastructure

Cloud and server Article

Implementing infrastructure using open-source software significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TOC) of your infrastructure. Over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more companies moving to open source. These include Netflix, Uber, Visa, eBay, Wikipedia and AT&T. And this trend will only continue to grow. The migration is d ...

Andres Rodriguez
12 August 2019

Provisioning ESXi with MAAS: An overview

Cloud and server Article

MAAS has supported provisioning ESXi starting from MAAS 2.5. However, MAAS 2.6 has expanded its support and provides new features that significantly improves the provisioning experience. What is supported? The support MAAS provides for provisioning an operating system varies depending on the operating system in use. Even though MAAS tries ...

Stephan Fabel
25 July 2019

The 10 new rules of open source infrastructure

Cloud and server Article

Recently, I gave a keynote at the Cloud Native / OpenStack Days in Tokyo titled “the ten new rules of open source infrastructure”. It was well received and folks pointed out on Twitter that they would like to see more detail around those ten rules. Others seemed to benefit from clarifying commentary. I’ve attempted to ...

Thibaut Rouffineau
24 April 2019

Canonical at Open Infrastructure Summit -Denver

Cloud and server Article

Open Infrastructure Summit is coming to Denver from April 29th to May 1st, 2019. Will you be there? We sure will! Come and visit us in Booth B1! Canonical experts will be at the event ready to answer your questions and walk you through our booth demos. Just to name a few: Open Infrastructure developers ...

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