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Wajeeha Hamid
22 September 2022

Public cloud for telco – Part 2: Google Cloud Platform

Networking Article

This is the second blog in a series focusing on how telecom operators can leverage public clouds to meet their business demands. In a previous blog, we talked about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and how its services made it possible for telcos to shift towards public clouds. In this blog, you’ll get to know about ...

Wajeeha Hamid
26 January 2022

Telco workloads orchestration in multi-clouds environments – focus for Open Source MANO release ELEVEN

Cloud and server Article

Open source MANO release ELEVEN is here with another set of exciting features for the telco world!! Promising the production-grade orchestration of telco workloads, OSM release ELEVEN focuses on the trends of cloud-native deployments in multi-cloud environments. To overcome the challenges that we have discussed in previous blogs, OSM this ...