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7 June 2021

How to accelerate migration towards NFV with Open Source MANO

Telecommunications Article

Download whitepaper Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Cloud native network functions continue to draw immense attention from the telecom sector. From the beginning, virtualisation is trying to fulfill the promises of reducing CapEx and OpEx by decoupling Network Functions from the underlying infrastructure and ensuring flexibility ...

Wajeeha Hamid
18 December 2020

What’s new in Open Source MANO: multi-cloud orchestration, operator lifecycle management, and more..

Ubuntu Article

Open source MANO (OSM) community recently added two more bricks in the wall of NFV orchestration events: OSM Release NINE and OSM#10 Hackfest. The community has come a long way to mature OSM into its 9th version. A toast to all the system integrators, network operators, researchers, and VNF vendors who have hit the home ...

Tytus Kurek
8 October 2020

Canonical – Supermicro partnership at the NFV&MEC Plugtests 2020

Telecommunications Article

The NFV&MEC Plugtests 2020, hosted remotely during the week of June 15-19th 2020 by ETSI, offered network function virtualisation (NFV) and mobile edge computing (MEC) solution providers, hardware vendors and other companies involved in open source initiatives an opportunity to meet and assess the level of interoperability between their s ...

Alex Chalkias
31 July 2020

Charmed OSM Release EIGHT available from Canonical

Canonical announcements Article

Canonical is proud to announce the general availability of OSM release EIGHT images in it’s Charmed OSM distribution. As of Release SEVEN, OSM is able to orchestrate containerised network functions (CNFs) leveraging Kubernetes as the underlying infrastructure for next-generation 5G services. Release EIGHT follows the same direction and br ...

Tytus Kurek
1 October 2019

5G Core implementation: Challenges in the field

Telecommunications Article

With an emerging demand for higher speeds, lower latency, and increasing connection density,  telecommunications providers have started implementing 5G. While the initial roll-out usually takes months, the entire process is going to take years. This is because designing and implementing 5G entails a number of challenges. These include dep ...

24 July 2019

BT turns to Canonical Ubuntu to enable next generation 5G Cloud Core

Cloud and server Article

Today, Canonical announces its Charmed OpenStack on Ubuntu has been selected by BT as a key component of its next generation 5G Core. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, will provide the open source virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) as part of BT’s Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) program, and the transition to a cloud-based Cor ...

26 October 2018

Low latency and real-time kernels for telco and NFV

Cloud and server White paper

The kernel is the fundamental core of a computer operating system. It is the first program to load, and it manages all core functions of the computer. With the expanding role of the Linux kernel in systems today, Canonical is often asked to provide leadership and support for different offerings for many purposes. Network Functions ...

31 May 2018

Simplifying deployment and management of edge clouds with

Cloud and server Webinar

Title: Simplifying deployment and management of edge clouds Speakers: Matt Akins & Brandon Williams Date/Time: June 13, 12:00PM EST / 5:00PM BST Canonical recently announced a partnership with to simplify cloud management. Canonical brings scale, performance, and reliability to the cloud as well as ease of installation through J ...

11 May 2018

OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2018

Cloud and server Article

Event Details Date: May 21-24 Location: Vancouver, BC Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre East Booth: B7 Event Link:   Event Background OpenStack Summit is the leading event in Open Infrastructure, bringing together the builders and operators for sessions and workshops on containers, CI/CD, t ...

James Donner
28 March 2018

What can you do with Kubernetes?

Cloud and server Webinar

This is the first webinar in our Kubernetes Month series! Speaker: Vinod Kumar Date/Time: April 4, 2018 at 12PM EST / 5PM GMT Need to get up to speed with Kubernetes? This webinar will give you the primer to the Kubernetes platform that you need. You’ve probably heard that Kubernetes is great technology, but have ...

2 December 2017

Cloud to Edge: Building the software defined telco infrastructure

Cloud and server Webinar

With the explosive growth of data, telcos are facing new challenges in revenue. Canonical currently provide some of the world’s leading service providers with an automated, repeatable, and tried & tested telco solution. In this webinar, join Nathan Rader to learn how Ubuntu OpenStack can help telcos: Reduce time to market Save money throu ...

Stephan Fabel
17 November 2017

Edging Closer – ODS Sydney

Cloud and server Article

Despite the fact that OpenStack’s mission statement has not fundamentally changed since the inception of the project in 2010, we have found many different interpretations of the technology through the years. One of them was that OpenStack would be an all-inclusive anything-as-a-service, in a striking parallel to the many different definit ...

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