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Blog posts tagged
"managed cloud"

Tytus Kurek
18 May 2020

Managed private cloud cheaper than self-managed?

Cloud and server Article

Outsourcing private cloud operations can significantly accelerate the private cloud deployment process. Although most organisations are successful with the initial roll-out of the cloud, many struggle to operate it effectively post-deployment. This is because private cloud platforms, such as OpenStack, are known to be complex. As a result ...

19 March 2020

Canonical Technical Support for Ubuntu and open source during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cloud and server Article

All technical support services are currently at 100% SLA. We have updated our operational plan to accommodate expected sick leave among colleagues and their families as COVID-19 moves through our communities. We are committed to  24/7 technical support, configuration advice and online access to your accounts and support tickets. 24/7 Tech ...

Mark Shuttleworth
19 March 2020

Update: Canonical managed services and Ubuntu support during COVID-19 outbreak

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SUMMARY Canonical’s fully managed OpenStack, Kubernetes, Kafka, Elastic, Postgres and other open source stacks, are operating at full SLA. Ubuntu and broader open source support services are unaffected and our teams have adjusted schedules to allow for colleagues to be out sick while maintaining full coverage in the months to come.  Secur ...

Video: Managed OpenStack upgrades

Cloud and server Videos

The process of upgrading OpenStack releases can be challenging, given the many moving parts and the cadence of releases. In this use case video, Juan Carliante, Cloud Reliability Engineer for Canonical explains how Canonical’s BootStack  Engineering team solves issues arising during the upgrade process quickly using Juju, an open-source a ...

Ellen Arnold
11 November 2016

Webinar: Secure, scale and simplify your OpenStack deployments

Cloud and server Article

In our latest on-demand webinar, we explore how we can build and manage highly scalable OpenStack clouds with BootStack, Juju and PLUMgrid. Arturo Suarez, Product Manager for BootStack at Canonical, and Justin Moore, Principal Solutions Architect, at PLUMgrid, discuss common issues users run into when running OpenStack at scale, and how t ...

Alexia Emmanoulopoulou
7 October 2015

BootStack managed cloud factsheet

Cloud and server Product business card

BootStack, is a the fully managed cloud offer from Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. BootStack is a true end to end offer including the design, implementation, and ongoing management of an OpenStack cloud on Ubuntu, followed by an optional transfer of the management function to the customer if desired. The cloud will be built on Ubunt ...

6 October 2015

Managed Cloud Network Security from Zentera, Alliance and Canonical

Cloud and server News

Zentera Systems, Inc., Alliance Technology Group and Canonical jointly announced today a collaboration to deliver secure hybrid networking solutions on top of Canonical’s managed OpenStack cloud, BootStack. The three companies will be exhibiting this collaboration during AWS re:Invent 2015, this week at Zentera’s booth #K21 in Las Vegas, ...

Arturo Suarez
9 July 2015

Introducing utility pricing to your Managed Private Cloud

Cloud and server Article

Canonical is proud to introduce one of the most exciting, on-demand, usage-based consumption models yet – and it’s for our managed private cloud service, BootStack. While public cloud, consumption-based pricing has changed the economics (for the better) of how companies and individuals procure compute resources, private clouds have contin ...