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Blog posts tagged

Miona Aleksic
15 March 2022

What are Linux containers?

Cloud and server Article

This blog explains what are Linux containers, how they differ from application containers, and when should you use them. ...

Jeremie Deray
3 July 2020

Feeling at home in a LXD container

Robotics Article

In this post, we will see how we can containerize our home in LXD simply managing our personal configuration files – a.k.a. dotfiles. Yeah dotfiles, named after their common ~/.my_config form, you know, all of those small configuration files lying across our $HOME. In other words, how one can change the house while keeping the ...

Ted Kern
6 March 2020

ROS Development with LXD

Internet of Things Article

Linux containers allow for easy isolation of developer environments. If you’re often working with a bunch of different ROS versions, it’s a lot easier to do your work entirely in containers. Getting Started You’ll first need to install LXD using snap. Note Throughout this guide I will be using the hostname to distinguish which machine ...

Stéphane Graber
26 February 2018

LXD weekly status #36

Cloud and server Article

Introduction This past week we’ve been working very hard to land all those last few bits ahead of us tagging a number of 3.0.0.beta1 releases of all our repositories. We’re now waiting for a few last bits to land, including LXD clustering and some reshuffling of templates, bindings and tools in LXC. The current plan ...

Stéphane Graber
29 January 2018

LXD weekly status #32

Cloud and server Article

The focus of this week has been preparing for our trip to Brussels where we’ll be spending 3 days all working together on LXD before attending and presenting at FOSDEM. @brauner is making good progress on preparing for the liblxc 3.0 release, moving all the various language bindings and tools out of the main tree ...

Stéphane Graber
18 December 2017

LXD Weekly Status #28

Cloud and server Article

Introduction This is our last status update before we break for the holidays. On the LXD side of things, this past week saw the inclusion of a couple of minor features (–all flag and boot.stop.priority option) and quite a few bugfixes. In low level LXC, a lot of changes have been going on to improve handling of application ...

Stéphane Graber
27 November 2017

LXD Weekly Status #25

Cloud and server Article

Introduction This week has been split between some upcoming feature work (infiniband and clustering), helping some new contributors get started with contributing to LXD and doing a lot of backports to the stable branches. Our stable branch backlog is now empty on all 3 projects and @brauner is now handling this for LXC with @stgraber ...

Stéphane Graber
13 November 2017

LXD Weekly Status #23

Cloud and server Article

Introduction The main focus this past week has been on merging a pretty large refactoring branch on top of LXD. This moves a lot of code around to make it more testable and easier to plug in a new database implementation in preparation for some clustering features. We’ve done a few minor improvements like adding ...

Stéphane Graber
4 September 2017

LXD Weekly Status #13: Snap data migration, Open Source Summit & more

Cloud and server Article

Weekly status for the week of the 28th to the 3rd of September 2017. Introduction The main focus for this past week has been the preparation for LXC 2.1. We’ve now issued a call for testing and expect it to release tomorrow (Tuesday). On the LXD side of things, we’ve been working through bug reports quite a ...

Stéphane Graber
27 February 2017

LXD 2.0: Debugging and contributing to LXD [12/12]

Cloud and server Article

This is the twelfth and last blog post in this series about LXD 2.0. Introduction This is finally it! The last blog post in this series of 12 that started almost a year ago. If you followed the series from the beginning, … Continue reading → ...

1 December 2016

Canonical’s Distribution of Kubernetes reduces operational friction

Cloud and server Article

Linux containers (LXC) are one of the hottest technologies in the market today. Developers are adopting containers, especially Docker, as a way to speed-up development cycles and deliver code into testing or production environments much faster than traditional methods. With the largest base of LXC, LXD, and Docker users, Ubuntu has long b ...

27 September 2016

Canonical expands enterprise container portfolio

Canonical announcements News

Canonical Expands Enterprise Container Portfolio with Commercially Supported Distribution of Kubernetes Canonical’s distribution of Kubernetes is supported, enterprise Kubernetes Support is available on public clouds, private infrastructure, bare metal Elastic solution with built in analytics for scale-out ‘process container’ loads LONDON ...

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