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Frank Heimes
13 September 2022

IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4: Maximise the value of next generation IBM LinuxONE servers with Ubuntu 22.04.1

Cloud and server Article

IBM has today announced the next generation of its enterprise-grade Linux server family, IBM LinuxONE. The LinuxONE Emperor 4 is IBM’s most highly performing, secure, sustainable and open Linux server to date.  As the world’s most powerful Linux-based server, LinuxONE Emperor 4 matches perfectly with Ubuntu, the leading Linux operating sy ...

Katie Elston
22 January 2020

Migrating to enterprise servers with Ubuntu on IBM Z

Cloud and server Article

For mission-critical applications, security, reliability, and efficiency are essential. Linux excels in these areas, which is why it has become a highly popular platform for supporting key enterprise software. And for businesses looking to push the security and performance of their Linux-based applications even further, the next step is e ...

Sarah Dickinson
24 October 2019

FinTechs discuss security, regulation and innovation at New York City roundtable

Cloud and server Article

Earlier this month, Canonical, IBM and FinTech specialists Medici held a joint roundtable in New York for executives within the financial services sector to hear and discuss their pain points, the most prominent emerging technologies and what the future holds. Entitled ‘Graduating from FinTech to FinServ’, the roundtable was hosted by Ros ...

8 August 2017

Hardware cryptography with Ubuntu Server on IBM Z and LinuxONE

Cloud and server Article

Hardware cryptography with Ubuntu Server on IBM Z and LinuxONEThis time I’m proud to blog about the availability of a new technical paper that describes in detail, and based on many examples, how to use hardware supported cryptography on IBM Z and Linu ...

5 April 2017

Scalable, secure access to data with DBaaS on IBM LinuxONE

Cloud and server Article

Imagine a world where developers can quickly stand-up new applications and database instances – without having to worry about limits to database growth or risks to data security. Now imagine a world where enterprises and service providers can combine this outstanding scalability and security with the benefits of relational and NoSQL data ...

5 May 2016

What’s possible with Ubuntu on Mainframe?

Cloud and server Article

IBM Systems Magazine Webinar “Discover the Cloud and Scale Out World of Ubuntu”held on 27 April 2016 Recently announced support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on IBM LinuxONE and z Systems has created a paradigm shift in a world that often does not see much change. Systems that cannot fail, systems that the world relies on, ...

Dustin Kirkland
27 April 2016

Ubuntu & IBM on POWER and LinuxOne Webinar

Cloud and server Article

I’m delighted to share the slides from our joint IBM and Canonical webinar about Ubuntu on IBM POWER8 and LinuxOne servers.  You can download the PDF here, watch the recording here, or tab through the slides or watch the video embedded below. &nbs ...

John Zannos
22 April 2016

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for IBM LinuxONE and IBM z Systems is now available

Cloud and server Article

With the release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS we now offer the same great Ubuntu experience on z Systems and LinuxONE servers as x86 and OpenPower platforms. Download now Ubuntu is the platform of choice for new cloud-native applications from modern development teams. It dominates public cloud guest volume and production OpenStack deployments with ...

29 March 2016

Ubuntu 16.04 beta now available for LinuxONE and z Systems

Cloud and server Article

Ubuntu 16.04 is now available on IBM LinuxONE, System z12 and z13 providing an idea platform for developers using IoT applications. Ubuntu is the platform of choice for organisations running scale-out, next-generation workloads in the Cloud. Ubuntu dominates public cloud guest volume and production OpenStack deployments with up to 70% mar ...

John Dolen
28 January 2016

IBM LinuxONE gets its Juju

Cloud and server Article

This week, via press release, IBM continued its launch of the LinuxONE family of high performance Linux systems. In August, we joined IBM with their launch of LinuxONE, announcing our intent to support the new systems starting with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release (code named Xenial Xerus). This will bring LinuxONE clients the same Ubuntu experie ...

Jane Silber
17 August 2015

IBM and Canonical plan Ubuntu support on IBM z Systems Mainframe

Cloud and server Article

  Today, at LinuxCon 2015 in Seattle, Canonical and IBM announced plans to create an Ubuntu distribution for LinuxONE and z Systems. The collaboration with Canonical brings Ubuntu scale-out and cloud expertise to the IBM z Systems platform, further expanding its reach and support. Our expansion of Ubuntu platform support to IBM z Systems ...