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12 September 2023

Faster AI application development with Canonical and NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Ubuntu Article

Ubuntu KVM support comes to NVIDIA AI Enterprise Canonical continues to expand its collaboration with NVIDIA by providing Ubuntu KVM Hypervisor support with NVIDIA AI Enterprise 4.0 — which is generally available starting today. Organisations using GPU virtualisation on Ubuntu can look forward to a seamless migration to the new NVIDIA AI ...

Tytus Kurek
9 August 2023

What is virtualization? A beginner’s guide

Cloud and server Article

While information technology continues to evolve rapidly, virtualization remains a cornerstone of modern computing, enabling businesses to maximise resource utilisation, enhance flexibility, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). It is a key building block of the cloud computing paradigm, and millions of organisations use it daily ...

Tytus Kurek
8 September 2021

KVM hypervisor: a beginners’ guide

Cloud and server Article

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is the leading open source virtualisation technology for Linux. It installs natively on all Linux distributions and turns underlying physical servers into hypervisors so that they can host multiple, isolated virtual machines (VMs). KVM comes with no licenses, type-1 hypervisor capabilities and a variety ...

Marcin Bednarz
6 June 2019

Need to set up servers in remote locations?

Cloud and server Article

Use bare metal provisioning with a top-of-the-rack switch When deploying a small footprint environment such as edge computing sites, 5G low latency services, a site support cabinet or baseband unit, its critical to establish the optimal number of physical servers needed for set up. While several approaches exist, bare metal provisioning t ...

20 December 2017

Early experiences with PXE (net-)boot of KVM VMs on Ubuntu for s390x

Cloud and server Article

This article originally appeared on the Ubuntu On Big Iron blog This article mainly assumes that an Ubuntu Server 17.10 (artful) is installed in LPAR. Ubuntu 17.10 comes with a qemu-kvm version that is new enough to act as a KVM host that also allows to PXE netboot KVM virtual machines. Any potentially different or ...

18 October 2017


Cloud and server Article

This is a guest post by Michael Iatrou, cloud solutions architect at Canonical OpenStack is the dominant solution in the IaaS space, fueled by the need for reliable, scalable and interoperable private cloud infrastructure to accommodate cloud native applications. Through OpenStack’s open APIs, tenants can easily deploy elaborate virtual ( ...

Christian Ehrhardt
5 May 2016

The new simplicity to consume DPDK

Cloud and server Article

DPDK is a fast moving project comprised of a set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing. It utilizes polling threads, huge pages, numa locality and multi core processing to achieve low latencies and a high packet processing rate. Up until recently most guides to consume or experiment with DPDK looked like this: Download ...

Charles Butler
22 October 2015

Charming 2.0 – Now with 100% more awesome

Cloud and server Article

Editors Note: This post is one of many in a series covering the newpatterns in charming. This first post will be information heavy andcover a walkthrough of the techonologies at play. Video content andadditional tutorials will follow.It’s been an exciting couple of months for the Juju Charmers. If you’ve beenfollowing the Juju mailing lis ...

Tom Callway
25 June 2015

It’s all about containers! ODS keynote

Cloud and server Videos

It’s all about containers. All attention is turning to new and innovative variants of this cloud development technology. From LXC and Docker to our recent introduction, LXD – all signs point to an explosion in appetite for for containers, and the many benefits they bring to developers. Containers are revolutionizing the way the enterprise ...

Corey Bryant
17 June 2015

Deploying OpenStack from source to scalable multi-node environments

Cloud and server Article

The Juju OpenStack charms now have support for deploying OpenStack from source! This means that you can point the charms at the OpenStack git repositories/branches of your choice, whether they’re the well known upstream repos or your own modified repos, and deploy to your choice of substrate via Juju (to metal via MAAS, private/public clo ...

11 June 2015

Mark Shuttleworth’s ODS Vancouver Keynote

Cloud and server Videos

This year’s OpenStack Summit was the most successful yet; playing host to a record number of exhibitors who excited and inspired over 5,000 visiting delegates. During the course of the week, attendees were treated to a host of keynotes, breakout session and track day presentations; aimed to bring the latest news, views, innovation and opi ...

Dustin Kirkland
11 June 2015

How many containers can you run on your machine?

Cloud and server Article

652 Linux containers running on a Laptop?  Are you kidding me???A couple of weeks ago, at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Canonical released the results of some scalability testing of Linux containers (LXC) managed by LXD.Ryan Harper and James Page presented their results — some 536 Linux containers on a very modest little Intel server ...

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