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27 February 2024

Canonical announces the general availability of Charmed Kafka

Data Platform Article

27 February 2024: Today, Canonical announced the release of Charmed Kafka – an advanced solution for Apache Kafka® that provides everything users need to run Apache Kafka at scale.   Apache Kafka is an event store that supports a range of contemporary applications including microservices architectures, streaming analytics and AI/ML use ca ...

12 December 2023

Announcing the Charmed Kafka beta

Data Platform Article

Charmed Kafka is a complete solution to manage the full lifecycle of Apache Kafka. The Canonical Data Fabric team is pleased to announce the first beta release of Charmed Kafka, our solution for Apache Kafka®. Apache Kafka® is a free, open source message broker for event processing at massive scale. Kafka is ideal for building ...

16 November 2022

Apache Kafka service design for low latency and no data loss

Apps Article

Designing a production service environment around Apache Kafka that delivers low latency and zero-data loss at scale is non-trivial. Indeed, it’s the holy grail of messaging systems. In this blog post, I’ll outline some of the fundamental service design considerations that you’ll need to take into account in order to get your service arch ...

Hugo Huang
14 December 2021

Data Pipelines Overview

Cloud and server Article

A Data Pipeline is a series of processes that collects raw data from various sources, filters the disqualified data, transforms them into the appropriate format, moves them to the places you want to store them, analyzes them, and finally presents them to your audience. As we can see in the chart above, a data pipeline ...

aymen frikha
24 March 2021

AI on premise: benefits and a predictive-modeling use case

AI Article

Running an Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure on premise has major challenges like high capex and requires internal expertise. It can provide a lot of benefits for organisations that want to establish an AI strategy. The solution outlined in this post illustrates the power and the utility of Juju, a charmed Operator Lifecycle Man ...

29 June 2020

What is Apache Kafka?

Cloud and server Article

Discover Charmed Kafka Everyone hates waiting in a queue. On the other hand, when you’re routing an absolute storm of event data around a cloud environment, message queues are your best friend. Enter Apache Kafka. Apache Kafka is a free, open source event streaming platform that enables you to create queues for temporary buffering of ...

Mark Shuttleworth
19 March 2020

Update: Canonical managed services and Ubuntu support during COVID-19 outbreak

Cloud and server Article

SUMMARY Canonical’s fully managed OpenStack, Kubernetes, Kafka, Elastic, Postgres and other open source stacks, are operating at full SLA. Ubuntu and broader open source support services are unaffected and our teams have adjusted schedules to allow for colleagues to be out sick while maintaining full coverage in the months to come.  Secur ...