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Blog posts tagged

Igor Ljubuncic
27 January 2023

Jammin’ with Jami – Freedom, privacy, snaps

Ubuntu Article

About a year ago, the Advocacy team established first contact with Savoir-Faire Linux, a free software consultancy company behind Jami, a privacy oriented VoIP and conference platform. The Jami developers were interested in some sort of collaboration with us, and shedding fresh light on their product. Intrigued by their technology and bus ...

4 June 2018

Kubernetes and OpenStack solving AI complexities at scale

Cloud and server Article

Stu Miniman and John Boyer of theCUBE interviewed Stephan Fabel, Director of Ubuntu Product and Development at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. Read on for the full interview, and to hear more on Kubernetes, Kubeflow and MicroK8s. OpenStack has entered a new phase, maturing to a point where those in attendance are serious about open ...

30 May 2018

OpenStack Summit Vancouver: Automating the data centre

Cloud and server Article

Stu Miniman and John Boyer of theCUBE interviewed Mark Shuttleworth at the OpenStack Summit following the Canonical founder’s keynote in Vancouver. Read on for the full interview, and to hear more on the economics of cloud. Rethinking the data centre to make it fully automated from the ground up was the opportunity presented to architects ...

Thibaut Rouffineau
19 June 2017

Distributing KeePassXC as a snap

Desktop Article

This is a guest post by Jonathan White (find him on Github) one of the developers behind keepassxc. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact . Can you tell us about KeePassXC? KeePassXC, for KeePass Cross-Platform Community Edition, is an extension of the KeePassX password manager project that ...

Michael Hall
4 October 2016

Snap interview with Krita

Desktop Article

This is the second in a series of interviews with Snap adopters, you can read the first interview here. If you have an interesting snap story to tell, please contact me. I’ve always been a big fan of Krita, so when I started working on snap packaging it was high on my list to do. In doing ...

Michael Hall
27 September 2016

Snap interview with Rocket.Chat

Cloud and server Article

Snap packaging has been gaining a lot of momentum recently, from desktop apps to cloud services, and everything in between. To learn more about the people and projects that are building snaps Michael Hall, Ubuntu Community Manager, reached out to Aaron Ogle a Core Contributor to the Open Source Project Rocket.Chat. How did you find out ab ...

11 April 2013

Rapid progress keeps development on target

Phone and tablet Article

An interview with Richard Collins, product manager for Ubuntu phones. ...

9 December 2011

Interview with Mr.doob

Ubuntu Design

In the following months we are going to invite inspiring artists to talk about their amazing work and the role that Ubuntu and free software cover, or could cover, in their creative lives. Today I invited a special Ubuntu friend to talk about his journey in creative coding. He is well known in the web ...