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Maarten Ectors
18 June 2014

Forgerock shows the future of instant identity integration with Juju

Cloud and server Article

Forgerock, the leading unified open source identity solution provider, showed on the Identity Relationship Management Summit how Juju is changing the future of identity integration. In minutes their identity solution gets integrated with other charms. Traditionally companies would need months to integrate single sign-on solutions. Forgero ...

28 March 2014

New committee to make cloud services instantly safer

Cloud and server Article

A few months ago, Canonical started to work with a set of partners to address the challenges around single sign-on for new services within an organisation. We created a committee to develop a solution that would ensure service authentication could happen instantaneously, saving organisations often months in the roll out of new services. T ...

10 February 2014

Apache Syncope sponsor, Tirasa, shows instant IDM on Juju

Cloud and server Article

“If you want to quickly switch to the cloud, then you want to look at Juju.”, says Tirasa. Tirasa is the main sponsor behind the Apache Syncope project. Apache Syncope is an Open Source system for managing digital identities in enterprise environments, implemented in J2EE technology and released under Apache 2.0 license. By moving Syncope ...