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April Wang
7 December 2016

Jamming with Ubuntu Core

Desktop Article

We celebrated the launch of Ubuntu Core 16 hackathon, or shall we say Snapathon, that took place in Shenzhen between 26-27th November. The 30+ hour gathering and coding session was attended by developers, makers and anyone that was interested in the Internet of Things and the technology that powers them. Attendees were from different back ...

April Wang
11 May 2016

Another Ubuntu Hackathon, with a blend of #convergence

Phone and tablet Article

As we continue our hackathon journey around China, we are back in Beijing!  Since the last time we were here in Beijing, Ubuntu’s first tablet, the BQ M10 Ubuntu Edition became available worldwide. It’s more than just another tablet, it’s the first device that brings the true convergent experience to life. For those of you who ...

April Wang
4 November 2015

Another wave of hacking in China this time with TechCrunch

Internet of Things Article

After undertaking several Ubuntu Phone led hackathons in Beijing and Shenzhen, we embraced the opportunity to be part of the TechCrunch one this past weekend in Beijing (31st Oct-1st Nov). This hackathon afforded us the chance to meet more Ubuntu fans, introduce the OS to more developers and interact with participants from past hackathons ...

April Wang
15 July 2015

Celebrate Ubuntu: China Hackathon

Phone and tablet Article

To celebrate the Developer Edition Ubuntu phone launch in China, Canonical organized a “celebrate Ubuntu” hackathon for the phone in Beijing. It was also hosted as part of the on-going China Mobile & Ubuntu Developer Innovation Contest, where all projects that were coded during the hackathon were able to be submitted into the contest afte ...