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Blog posts tagged

Igor Ljubuncic
25 February 2022

Three ways to package your Electron apps as snaps

Ubuntu Article

Software comes in many shapes and forms. One of the popular cross-platform, cross-architecture frameworks for building and distributing applications in Electron, which combines the Chromium rendering engine and the Node.js runtime. This makes Electron-based applications relatively easy to create. If you want to deploy Electron apps in Lin ...

Alan Pope
26 July 2018

Bringing Electron applications to millions of Linux users

Desktop Article

Electron is one of the most popular frameworks for creating cross-platform desktop applications right now. Many developers use electron-builder to do the heavy-lifting of package management for their Electron apps. electron-builder has support for creating snap packages out of the box. Bringing your Electron desktop app to Linux can be as ...

David Callé
15 November 2017

How to turn your website into a desktop app

Desktop Article

Turning your website into a desktop integrated app is a relatively simple thing to do, but distributing it as such and making it noticeable in app stores is another story. This tutorial will show you how to leverage Electron and snaps to create a desktop web app from scratch and release it on a multi-million ...

David Callé
15 June 2017

Gitter and Mattermost: two desktop apps for your future chat platform

Desktop Article

In the hunt for the perfect communication platform or protocol, a lot of companies are experimenting, which can lead to some confusion as not everyone is moving at the same pace: one team on IRC, another one on Slack, one on “anything but Slack, have you tried Mattermost? It’s almost like RocketChat”. Then, if a ...

David Callé
13 June 2017

Vectr: a fresh take on vector graphics edition on Linux

Desktop Article

There is new desktop app available in the Snap store: Vectr. A free vector graphics editor for the Web and the Linux desktop Following the Inkscape snap, there is a new vector graphics editor readily available to install. With project sharing built-in, a modern UI built with Electron and more on the roadmap (real-time collaboration, versi ...

David Callé
19 May 2017

Visual Studio Code is now available as a snap on Ubuntu

Desktop Article

There is a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Visual Studio Code. A versatile and open source code editor Launched in 2015 by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code has imposed itself as one of the preferred code editors in the developer community. Cross-platform (powered by Electron), it features a marketplace of more than 3000 extensions where ...

David Callé
17 May 2017

Simplenote gives a new life to your notes

Desktop Article

There’s a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Simplenote. Write in Markdown, sync, tag, collaborate and publish If you haven’t tried it yet, Simplenote brings a solid note taking utility to your day-to-day open source toolkit. Don’t be fooled by a simple appearance, as it’s one of the most comprehensive editing suite around, especially fo ...

David Callé
11 May 2017

Atom is now available as a snap for Ubuntu

Desktop Article

There’s a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Atom. The hackable editor, backed by GitHub Launched in 2014, Atom has been rapidly adopted by a large community and is considered one of the top language agnostic code editors. It offers a constantly growing library of 6 000+ addons for all purposes, from themes to ...

David Callé
4 May 2017

Discord is now available as a snap for Ubuntu and other distributions

Desktop Article

There’s a new desktop snap in the Snap store: Discord. Ever heard of Discord? Within 1.5 years of its launch Discord has become an almost mandatory tool for gamers. Adoption has been wild, from streaming to a Twitch account to voice calls to sync up on gaming tactics. But Discord can also be used as ...