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Blog posts tagged

Graham Morrison
26 February 2024

Introducing Canonical’s Open Documentation Academy

Community Article

tldr; Our Open Documentation Academy starts this week with our first weekly Documentation Office Hours on Friday 1st March 2024 at 16:00 UTC. Everyone is welcome! Keep reading, or see our forum post for more details and to leave questions. Many of us at Canonical wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Linux and open ...

Bill Wear
17 March 2023

Help us build better doc

Canonical announcements Article

We want you to join our Ubuntu circle, and help us document MAAS. More minds, more eyes, more hands make better doc. ...

Teodora Mihoc
28 October 2022

Humans may be rational, or how to collect better documentation feedback with linguistic theory

People and culture Article

Anyone who has ever built a product wants user feedback – and we in open source want it more than anyone else, and place higher demands on it than anyone else. However, this feedback can be hard to give, hard to receive, and hard to act upon. My product is open source software documentation, and ...

Daniele Procida
5 October 2022

Engineering transformation through documentation

People and culture Article

To help bring our ambitious documentation plans to fruition, we’re going to be hiring people to work in documentation – over the next couple of years, we’ll be increasing the number of Technical Authors at Canonical four-fold. This isn’t about documentation alone. If documentation is part of a product, and documentation work is part of ...

Nathan Hart
29 June 2022

Multipass documentation: proudly a work in progress

Ubuntu Article

In February of this year the Multipass team took on a challenge: completely overhauling our documentation. Canonical has put a renewed emphasis on documentation in recent months, led by Daniele Procida and his Diataxis framework, and we wanted to be an early adopter of this methodology. We had no idea where to start, but fortunately ...

26 January 2022

Vanilla’s accessibility documentation process

Ubuntu Article

Following on from our previous post about accessibility by design, we’d like to share our accessibility documentation process here in the Web & Design team. In the Vanilla squad, we work hard to make sure the Vanilla framework is as accessible as possible. We don’t claim to be perfect, but accessibility is a real priority ...

Daniele Procida
25 January 2022

The idea of a tutorial

Community Article

Sooner or later, almost everyone who looks at some software that they or their team have created imagines a user getting to grips with it, and a pang of empathy for that unknown person prompts them to think: what we need here is a tutorial. And they are always absolutely right. In the Diátaxis documentation ...

Daniele Procida
15 December 2021

Diátaxis, a new foundation for Canonical documentation

Community Article

Our on-going documentation transformation project aims to make our documentation the best it can possibly be – an exemplar of excellence for the industry. We’re working on four distinct pillars of documentation to achieve this. The first of these pillars is direction. It defines what is quality in documentation, and answers the question: ...

Daniele Procida
17 November 2021

The future of documentation at Canonical

Community Article

Our software documentation is part of how we talk to each other – our users, our colleagues, our community. It’s a way we demonstrate how we value each other – including how we value you.  We’ve understood the importance of this for some time, but actually finding a way to express those values in our ...

Bill Wear
7 July 2021

Moving toward Diátaxis

Cloud and server Server

We discovered the Diátaxis Framework earlier this year. It’s been on our roadmap to shift MAAS doc to this cool new way of explaining things. This cycle, we plan to make it happen. You’d think it would be obvious…. Diátaxis is one of those ideas. Once you see it, you can’t figure out why everybody ...

Joshua Powers
8 May 2020

The New Ubuntu Server Guide

Cloud and server Article

This article originally appeared on Joshua Powers’ blog With the release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) the Ubuntu Server Guide has received a major set of updates and has moved to a new location on the Ubuntu website. The new location makes it much easier to read and contribute improvements. There is a link ...

12 June 2019

Get to know these 5 Ubuntu community resources

Cloud and server Article

Ubuntu OS is open source, with a whole community working to shape and support it. Here are some resources from the Ubuntu community for the Ubuntu community. ...

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