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Blog posts tagged
"digital signage"

6 October 2021

Canonical launches Ubuntu Frame, the foundation for embedded displays

Canonical announcements Article

Canonical’s Ubuntu Frame is an easy-to-use, reliable and secure fullscreen shell to power edge devices, with 10 years of support from Canonical. October 6th, 2021: Canonical announces the release of Ubuntu Frame, a solution that allows developers to easily build and deploy graphical applications for interactive kiosks, digital signage sol ...

27 December 2019

This is why smart displays run Ubuntu Core

Internet of Things Article

First impressions count, and making sure your users can see and interact with your product in a seamless way, means selecting the right smart display technology. Read on to find out what hardware features are needed to make a reliable smart display, and why smart displays run Ubuntu Core. Medical imaging to smart displays: There’s ...

Sarah Dickinson
27 August 2019

Snaps help Xibo rekindle its relationship with Linux

Internet of Things Article

Sometimes, relationships just don’t work out. At first, it seemed that Xibo and Linux were made for each other. Xibo had a popular open source digital signage and player system, while Linux brought a community of enthusiastic users. Dan Garner of Xibo remembers why they broke up in 2015: “Releasing our player on Linux was ...

31 July 2019

Digital signage platform Xibo launches as a snap

Internet of Things Article

The open source digital signage platform, Xibo, is now available as a snap – the universal Linux app packaging format. Xibo provides a comprehensive suite of digital signage products, with its Content Management System (CMS) at the heart of this experience-led offering. Xibo for Linux is completely free and natively built for the Xibo CMS ...

9 November 2018

The rise of the Digital Smart Kiosk

Internet of Things Article

This is a guest blog by Jody Smith, Product Manager at Broadsign.  The world’s increasing demand for quick, personalised service often clashes with budgetary concerns and the limited throughput that individual workers are capable of. Fortunately, there’s a solution: touch-enabled, digital smart kiosks. Today’s smart kiosks are a far cry f ...

10 October 2018

Digital signage: the face of the smart city revolution

Internet of Things Article

This is a guest blog by Jody Smith, Product Manager at Broadsign. Around the world, smart city projects are popping up with unique solutions to longstanding urban challenges. Some examples include streetlights that analyse the current traffic situation, maps that indicate available parking spaces and street kiosks that deliver city inform ...

Sarah Dickinson
24 October 2017

Cinergy makes significant digital signage savings using Ubuntu Core

Internet of Things Article

Based in Dallas, Texas, Cinergy operates a chain of three cinema entertainment centres (CECs) with ambitious expansion plans. CECs are an all in one entertainment venue incorporating cinemas, restaurants, bowling and other activities such as escape rooms. With so many activities to communicate including the latest promotions and film time ...

13 September 2017

NEC partners with Canonical on Ubuntu Core based signage platform

Canonical announcements News

CMS digital signage solution leverages NEC large format displays and the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Munich, 13 September 2017 – NEC Display Solutions Europe today announced a collaboration with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Core and Screenly, the leading digital signage software solution for Raspberry Pi. This is one of several ...

21 March 2017

When products and digital signage speak the same language

Internet of Things Article

This is a guest post by Dominique Guinard, Co-founder & CTO at EVRYTHNG. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact Digital signage is booming. From stores to offices and public buildings, screens are now commonplace. This is a domain our partner Screenly masters, managing 10,000 screens and ...

22 February 2017

Screenly announces a follow-up to its popular digital signage solution

Internet of Things Article

Screenly’s platform has grown to run over 10,000 screens in less than four years Making it the largest commercial deployment of Raspberry Pi for digital signage Enables rich content in-store screens to be flexible media platform Screenly 2 has been rebuilt from scratch with Ubuntu Core to bring more and easier to use features with ...

Amrisha Prashar
21 February 2017

Webinar: Qt on Ubuntu Core

Internet of Things Article

Are you interested in developing Qt on Ubuntu Core? Learning how to package Qt apps as snaps? And the solutions they bring to the world of Digital Signage? If so, join us for a webinar. You will learn the following: Introduction to Ubuntu and Qt in digital signage Why use Qt for digital signage Packaging ...

Maarten Ectors
6 February 2017

10 crazy IoT ideas that can soon become real

Internet of Things Article

1) Smart cities: revenue generating fountains What if instead of being a cost to cities, fountains become a revenue generator? Crazy idea? Just put the same coin accepting mechanism you find in vending machines and allow tourists to switch the fountain on for 30 seconds to get the ideal photo taken. But why not put ...

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