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Blog posts tagged

Igor Ljubuncic
13 May 2021

How to troubleshoot application issues and crashes with snapd gdbserver

Apps Article

Sometimes, applications may not run well, or they could even crash. When such issues occur, it is useful to have a consistent, reproducible method of triggering the problem, so that developers can have a reliable way and sufficient data to troubleshoot the issues and produce a fix. In the software world, the GNU Debugger (gdb) ...

Ian Johnson
30 October 2020

Introducing etrace – a multi-purpose application profiling tool

Desktop Article

These days, the internal workings of Linux applications involve many different moving parts. Sometimes, it can be rather difficult to debug them when things go wrong or run slower than expected. Tracing an application’s execution is one way of understanding potential issues without diving into the source code. To this end, we wrote an app ...

Igor Ljubuncic
8 August 2019

Slow snap? Trace-exec to the rescue!

Desktop Article

Slow applications are never fun. But not knowing why an application is not behaving correctly can be even more frustrating. A well-designed system that can diagnose performance or startup issues and inform the user about the problem goes a long way toward mitigating the frustration, and may even help resolve the root cause altogether. Bac ...

Alex Hung
4 June 2019

Debug ACPI Tables with Firmware Test Suite (FWTS)

Cloud and server Article

In my previous two articles, ACPI AML Debugger in Ubuntu 18.04 & Debug AML (DSD & SSDT) with ACPICA Utilities, I discussed techniques for AML debugging; however the ACPI specification includes many other important tables. Firmware Test Suite (FWTS) is a test suite (as the name indicates) that can play a big role in debugging ...

Alex Hung
20 March 2019

Debug ACPI DSDT and SSDT with ACPICA Utilities

Desktop Article

Using acpidbg on Ubuntu 18.04 x64 can be quite handy; however, the Linux kernel with ACPI_DEBUGGER is not always available, such as on Ubuntu for ARM. In such cases, acpica also provides a set of utilities, named acpica-tools, for ACPI debugging. Installation Installing acpica-tools is as easy as the following command: The latest source c ...

Igor Ljubuncic
14 March 2019

Make your snap development faster

Desktop Article

“All my centurions develop using snaps.” Julius Caesar By and large, software development can be an enjoyable process. Until you hit the first error, that is. At that point, you want to get past the stumbling blocks as quickly as possible and resume building your apps. A robust, flexible development framework can make a big ...

Alex Hung
14 February 2019

ACPI AML Runtime Debugger in Ubuntu 18.04 (x64)

Desktop Article

ACPICA is an open-source project that provides an operating system (OS)-independent reference implementation. It also contains a list of utilities such as ASL compiler (iasl), acpiexec (an AML emulator). However, AML debugging on Linux in run-time wasn’t provided in ACPICA until Linux Kernel 4.13. Enabling AML Debugging The aml-debugger.t ...