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Blog posts tagged
"data center"

Miona Aleksic
29 November 2022

VMware to open source: what do you need to consider?

Cloud and server Article

Read on for some of the most important considerations when thinking about migrating from VMware to Ubuntu-based open-source infrastructure. ...

Philip Williams
10 November 2022

What is object storage?

Ceph Article

Object storage is a type of storage where data is manipulated as distinct units. It has accompanied the cloud computing revolution, with S3 (Simple Storage Service) being the very first AWS service. The API for which later turned into the industry standard for the majority of object stores. Object stores have a very simplistic interface, ...

28 March 2022

Firmus Supercloud sets a new standard for sustainable cloud computing with Canonical’s open infrastructure

Cloud and server Article

March 29th, 2022—Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announces that Firmus, the Australian cloud infrastructure provider that is revolutionising data centre technology, has built its ultra-efficient and sustainable public cloud on Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack and Charmed Kubernetes. Data centres are responsible for a staggering 2% of glo ...

Philip Williams
16 March 2022

Cloud Adjacent Storage

Ceph Article

What is cloud adjacent storage? Put simply, cloud adjacent storage is just a privately owned and operated storage system, within network reach of a cloud provider’s region, but without the pay-as-you-grow and access charges found in public clouds. Why is cloud adjacent storage a better choice than public cloud storage? Public clouds were ...

Philip Williams
22 December 2021

A look forward to storage in 2022

Ceph Article

It’s that time of year, where we start to look ahead, and think about the ongoing trends in our various industries. One thing is for certain in the storage industry: capacity demand remains high, with the industry observing continued exponential growth. Growth, growth, growth More and more data is being created every day. It truly ...

Philip Williams
22 November 2021

Dell EMC PowerEdge and Canonical Charmed Ceph, a proven solution

Cloud and server Article

Here at Canonical, we have lots of industry partnerships where we work jointly, hand-in-hand, to produce the best possible outcomes for the open source community. From getting early access to next generation hardware to ensure Ubuntu is fully compatible when it’s released, to creating solution orientated reference architectures for produc ...

Fouaz Bouguerra
4 November 2021

Data centre networking: SDDC

Networking Article

To build modern data centre networking, learn about Software Defined Data Centre and its main components. ...

Philip Williams
12 October 2021

SUSE Enterprise Storage: What next?

Ceph Article

Late last year, SUSE completed their acquisition of Rancher Labs, and in doing so, has had to make some decisions on their product roadmap and ongoing support commitments. SUSE Enterprise Storage, SUSE’s software-defined storage product based on Ceph, doesn’t appear to have made the cut. According to their support pages, it is scheduled f ...

Fouaz Bouguerra
11 October 2021

Data centre networking: SDN fundamentals

Networking Article

To build your Data center networking, learn about Software Defined Netowrking and its architecure, its main components and different flavours ...

9 February 2021

Benefits of containers for enterprises

Kubernetes Article

Within just five years, Kubernetes and containers have redefined how software is deployed. Researchers expect the container market to grow by 30% year over year to become a 5 billion industry by 2022. But what is the reason behind this mass adoption of container technology in the enterprise?  Get the full picture with our CTO’s ...

16 April 2020

You are invited to the virtual Ubuntu Masters event

Cloud and server Telecommunications

The Ubuntu Masters Conference is a platform for IT practitioners to share how they are solving industry-wide challenges with the global engineering community. These are the real-life use cases they are executing in their professional environments today, giving you actionable ideas to take into your own corporate setting. Join us on Thursd ...

Sarah Dickinson
7 April 2020

The Wellcome Sanger Institute: sharing genomic research worldwide securely with supported Ceph

Ubuntu Article

A world-leading genomic research centre, the Wellcome Sanger Institute uses advanced DNA sequencing technology for large-scale studies that surpass the capabilities of many other organisations. Among other works, the Institute is currently heading the UK-wide Darwin Tree of Life Project to map the genetic code of 60,000 complex species. I ...