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Blog posts tagged

James Donner
21 December 2017

Keynote: Maximizing developer velocity with containers

Cloud and server Article

  Containers are one of the most exciting technologies in the cloud right now. But when it comes to your IT strategy, where is the best place to start? With so many different options and configurations, it’s critical that you find the best possible strategy for your software stack. To answer these questions, Canonical’s VP ...

23 October 2014

Ubuntu 14.10 delivers leading scale-out cloud technology

Cloud and server News

Ubuntu 14.10 for cloud and servers is available for download; includes industry-leading, secure bare-metal LXC containers, multi-OS provisioning, and solutions for OpenStack, big data and Cloud Foundry as well as Docker 1.2 Scale-out orchestration of Windows workloads alongside Linux workloads with Juju Canonical’s cloud ecosystem continu ...

Maarten Ectors
3 September 2014

Instant Big Data and other solutions

Cloud and server Article

For each new technology that becomes trendy you can buy a book with an animal on the cover. The first chapters will guide you through installing, integrating and scaling the new technology. This was fine when software was just a couple of apt-gets away. With horizontally scalable solutions, micro-services, containers, PaaS platforms, Big ...