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Igor Ljubuncic
27 October 2020

Snap speed improvements with new compression algorithm!

Desktop Article

Security and performance are often mutually exclusive concepts. A great user experience is one that manages to blend the two in a way that does not compromise on robust, solid foundations of security on one hand, and a fast, responsive software interaction on the other. Snaps are self-contained applications, with layered security, and as ...

Will Cooke
27 October 2017

Ubuntu Desktop Weekly Update: GNOME Fixes & New Snaps

Desktop Article

I’ll be starting the weekly round-up posts again now that the release is out and 18.04 is getting under way. At this early stage in the development cycle we’re spending a week or so tidying up the loose ends from 17.10, SRUing the important fixes that we’ve found, getting ready to sync new packages from ...

Will Cooke
9 June 2017

Ubuntu Desktop Weekly Update: June 9, 2017

Desktop Article

GNOME We’ve made the decision to switch to using GNOME Display Manager (GDM) instead of LightDM. We had planned to try LightDM, and based on our investigations it became apparent that we would need to invest a considerable amount of time making changes to get everything to work correctly, more time than we have. We ...