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Blog posts tagged
"charmed OSM"

Wajeeha Hamid
23 February 2023

Closed loop architecture and persistent volumes for network functions – Highlights in OSM release THIRTEEN

OSM Article

Open Source MANO (OSM) has announced its thirteenth version which is supported for six months (short-term support). This release targets feature enhancements for VNF vendors residing in the OSM ecosystem. It features new scalable architecture for service assurance and closed-loop operations, using Apache Airflow and Prometheus. It is capa ...

7 December 2022

Virgin Media O2 deploys Charmed OSM to accelerate network functions virtualisation for cloud workloads

Ubuntu Article

By operating cloud workloads with Charmed OSM, VMO2 will benefit from increased agility and scalability, as well as an optimised migration to network functions virtualization (NFV). A new approach to service lifecycle management in telco The challenge of network hosting in telco clouds and the desire to shift service management to more au ...

7 June 2021

How to accelerate migration towards NFV with Open Source MANO

Telecommunications Article

Download whitepaper Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Cloud native network functions continue to draw immense attention from the telecom sector. From the beginning, virtualisation is trying to fulfill the promises of reducing CapEx and OpEx by decoupling Network Functions from the underlying infrastructure and ensuring flexibility ...

Wajeeha Hamid
18 December 2020

What’s new in Open Source MANO: multi-cloud orchestration, operator lifecycle management, and more..

Ubuntu Article

Open source MANO (OSM) community recently added two more bricks in the wall of NFV orchestration events: OSM Release NINE and OSM#10 Hackfest. The community has come a long way to mature OSM into its 9th version. A toast to all the system integrators, network operators, researchers, and VNF vendors who have hit the home ...

Alex Chalkias
28 September 2020

Canonical at OSM Hackfest MR#9

OSM Article

The 12th OSM Hackfest, or OSM mid-release NINE (MR#9) Hackfest, is one for the books and Canonical happily shared the presenter floor with the rest of the Open Source MANO (OSM) community. The event spanned the whole week from September 7th to 11th, with Wednesday September 9th afternoon being used for the OSM Ecosystem day. ...

Alex Chalkias
31 July 2020

Charmed OSM Release EIGHT available from Canonical

Canonical announcements Article

Canonical is proud to announce the general availability of OSM release EIGHT images in it’s Charmed OSM distribution. As of Release SEVEN, OSM is able to orchestrate containerised network functions (CNFs) leveraging Kubernetes as the underlying infrastructure for next-generation 5G services. Release EIGHT follows the same direction and br ...

Tytus Kurek
11 May 2020

Canonical at the 9th OSM Hackfest

OSM Article

To all telecommunications service providers, global system integrators, research institutions, OSM community members and innovators all over the world: heads-up! The 9th OSM Hackfest starts in a few weeks and Canonical will as always be there. We will lead hackfest sessions, answer any questions you may have and help drive the evolution o ...

8 April 2020

Simplify NFV adoption – Charmed OSM and Managed Apps

Cloud and server Article

Charmed OSM and Managed Apps let telecom operators accelerate adoption of NFV. This is needed because the way we consume data has changed. We want data at a cheaper price with faster speeds and in larger quantities. To meet the challenge, telecom operators are changing the underlying network infrastructure that delivers data. Software-def ...

Tytus Kurek
31 January 2020

Charmed OSM release SEVEN: Container network functions

OSM Article

Canonical is proud to announce the general availability of OSM release SEVEN images in Charmed OSM distribution. OSM release SEVEN introduces a range of exciting features, such as the ability to deploy container network functions on Kubernetes with K8s charms, and several improvements which enhance Open Source MANO (OSM) across various ar ...

20 November 2019

Canonical introduces Charmed OSM to enable telcos with network functions management and orchestration

Cloud and server Article

November 20, 2019: Canonical, the publishers of Ubuntu, today announced Charmed OSM – a pure upstream Open Source MANO (OSM) distribution designed for production-grade, highly available and scalable deployments. Charmed OSM provides telecommunications service providers (TSPs) with a generic approach to network functions management and orc ...