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Igor Ljubuncic
15 April 2021

Should you ever reinstall your Linux box? If so, how?

Desktop Article

Broadly speaking, the Linux community can be divided into two camps – those who upgrade their operating systems in-vivo, whenever there is an option to do so in their distro of choice, and those who install from scratch. As it happens, the former group also tends to rarely reinstall their system when problems occur, while ...

Igor Ljubuncic
11 February 2021

How to keep your Linux disk usage nice and tidy and save space

Desktop Article

Everyone loves a clean, tidy home (hopefully). This also includes your other home – slash home, the Linux home directory. Disk cleanup and management utilities are extremely popular in Windows, but not so much in Linux. This means that users who want to do a bit of housekeeping in their distro may not necessarily have ...

Tytus Kurek
14 August 2020

OpenStack Charms 20.08 – TrilioVault, Arista and more

Cloud and server Article

Canonical is proud to announce the availability of OpenStack Charms 20.08. This new release introduces a range of exciting features and several improvements which enhance Charmed OpenStack. TrilioVault backup and recovery One of the biggest enhancements brought by the OpenStack Charms 20.08 release is an addition of TrilioVault for OpenSt ...

13 August 2020

Trilio and Canonical extend partnership to enable data protection for Charmed OpenStack

Cloud and server Article

Canonical and Trilio, announced today an extension of their partnership to include TrilioVault data protection capabilities with Charmed OpenStack as a tested and validated joint solution. TrilioVault for OpenStack is a cloud-native, application-centric data protection platform that was designed to provide native backup and recovery for p ...

Igor Ljubuncic
28 January 2020

How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Ubuntu – Hardware and software considerations

Desktop Article

Some time ago, Rhys Davies wrote a timely article, titled Why you should upgrade to Ubuntu. In it, he outlined a high-level overview of what the end of support of Windows 7 signifies for the typical user, the consideration – and advantages – of migrating to Ubuntu as an alternative, and the basic steps one ...

Igor Ljubuncic
7 March 2019

How to create snapshots of your snaps

Desktop Article

Data backups are arguably the most important part of one’s software setup. While many scenarios fall into the realm of if, data loss belongs in the when domain. Over time, every one of us will experience some kind of hardware failure, be it an optical disk, a hard disk or a lost phone. It is ...

Igor Ljubuncic
28 February 2019

How to backup your application settings

Desktop Article

A reliable data backup plan should be an integral part of everyone’s software arsenal. If you accidentally delete your files, or something goes wrong in your setup, you will have your data safely stored in another location. This will allow you to recover quickly and resume working. Likewise, if you suffer a hardware failure or ...