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9 November 2022

Azure pricing explained

Cloud and server Article

Have you ever wondered how Azure pricing actually works? So, you’ve decided to use Azure as your primary cloud platform and want to calculate your infrastructure costs. You estimate them based on listed prices, and rest assured that your startup/project will meet its budget. And then, suddenly, at the end of the month, you receive ...

Kris Sharma
2 May 2022

Confidential Computing and financial services cloud

Financial Services Article

Data security in the cloud – a business imperative Cloud computing has been transforming financial IT infrastructure into a utility allowing financial institutions (FIs) to access computing resources on-demand letting FIs offload costs and effort of setting-up and managing their own on-premises infrastructure, improving agility and time t ...

Bartłomiej Poniecki-Klotz
10 February 2022

Deploying Kubeflow Pipelines with Azure AKS spot instances

AI Article

Introduction Charmed Kubeflow is an MLOps platform from Canonical, designed to improve the lives of data engineers and data scientists by delivering an end-to-end solution for AM/ML model ideation, training, release and maintenance, from concept to production. As a result, Charmed Kubeflow includes Kubeflow Pipelines, an engine for orches ...

21 May 2020

Kubernetes GitOps with Azure Arc and Charmed Kubernetes

Canonical announcements Article

This week, Canonical announced the integration of  Charmed Kubernetes with Microsoft Azure Arc. This integration provides businesses with a centralised place to manage their Kubernetes clusters and deploy their applications at scale, from cloud to the edge. The Azure Arc dashboard enables management and governance of any Kubernetes, acros ...

6 May 2019

Canonical announces support for Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2

Canonical announcements Article

May 6, 2019: Canonical today announces full support for Ubuntu on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2. “Extending enterprise support for Ubuntu from Azure to Windows workstations and servers creates a seamless operating environment for Ubuntu in the Microsoft environment,” said Stephan Fabel, Director of Product at Canonical. “Collabo ...

Stephan Fabel
13 August 2018

Deploying Kubernetes on Public Clouds is hard – or is it?

Cloud and server Article

Automate your Kubernetes deployments on AWS, Azure, and Google Recently, there’s been talk about how Kubernetes has become hard to deploy and run on virtual substrates such as those offered by the public clouds. Indeed, the cloud-specific quirks around infrastructure provisioning, including storage, networking assets such as load balancer ...

Konstantinos Tsakalozos
1 November 2017

Heptio Contour on the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes

Cloud and server Article

I read the Hacker News post Heptio Contour and I thought “Cool! A project from our friends at Heptio, lets see what they got for us”. I wont lie to you, at first I was a bit disappointed because there was no special mention for Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes (CDK) but I understand, I am asking too much :). Let me cover this gap here ...

21 September 2017

Microsoft and Canonical Increase Velocity with Azure Tailored Kernel

Cloud and server Article

Ubuntu has long been a popular choice for Linux instances on Azure.  Our ongoing partnership with Microsoft has brought forth great results, such as the support of the latest Azure features, Ubuntu underlying SQL Server instances, bash on Windows, Ubuntu containers with Hyper-V Isolation on Windows 10 and Windows Servers, and much more. C ...

15 June 2017

Juju 2.2.0 and conjure-up 2.2.0 are here!

Cloud and server Article

We are excited to announce the release of Juju 2.2.0 and conjure-up 2.2.0! This release greatly enhances memory and CPU utilisation at scale, improves the modelling of networks, and adds support for KVM containers on arm64. Additionally, there is now outline support for Oracle Compute, and vSphere clouds are now easier to deploy. conjure- ...

Dustin Kirkland
1 April 2016

Still have questions about Bash and Ubuntu on Windows?

Cloud and server Article

Still have questions about Ubuntu on Windows?Watch this Channel 9 session, recorded live at Build this week, hosted by Scott Hanselman, with questions answered by Windows kernel developers Russ Alexander, Ben Hillis, and myself representing Canonical a ...

Dustin Kirkland
30 March 2016

Ubuntu on Windows – The Ubuntu Userspace for Windows Developers

Cloud and server Article

I’m in San Francisco this week, attending Microsoft’s Build developer conference, as a sponsored guest of Microsoft.That’s perhaps a bit odd for me, as I hadn’t used Windows in nearly 16 years.  But that changed a few months ago, as I embarked on ...

John Zannos
26 January 2016

Microsoft announces first Technical Preview of Azure Stack with Ubuntu

Cloud and server Article

The cloud is about choice, portability and scale. I believe it is important for every element of the cloud ecosystem to support and expand both. Ubuntu is a critical part of delivering on choice for the cloud by supplying a consistent Ubuntu experience to developers and user regardless on which public or private cloud they ...

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