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Blog posts tagged

Michael C. Jaeger
21 December 2023

Missed Operator Day at KubeCon NA 2023? – Catch the Replay!

Charms Article

If you missed Operator Day, we have good news: starting January 4th, we will present weekly on-demand events week covering the presentations step by step. ...

Paul Collins
3 December 2020

Migrating the Launchpad Keyservers from SKS to Hockeypuck

Ubuntu Article

Ubuntu and Launchpad use OpenPGP keys heavily. Each source package is signed with the uploader’s key, and binary and source package downloads from Ubuntu’s primary archives and from users’ Personal Package Archives (PPAs) are indirectly signed by the publisher process with per-archive keys of its own. Access to Launchpad’s bug-manipulatio ...

13 November 2020

Canonical’s Open Operator Collection extends Kubernetes operators to traditional Linux and Windows applications

Cloud and server Article

13th November 2020: Canonical’s Open Operator Collection, the largest collection of application operators, now supports both cloud-native and traditional applications on Windows and Linux. The collection is hosted at and follows the Open Operator Manifesto. Next-generation operations unify CAAS and IAAS “The operator pattern s ...

Tytus Kurek
18 May 2020

Managed private cloud cheaper than self-managed?

Cloud and server Article

Outsourcing private cloud operations can significantly accelerate the private cloud deployment process. Although most organisations are successful with the initial roll-out of the cloud, many struggle to operate it effectively post-deployment. This is because private cloud platforms, such as OpenStack, are known to be complex. As a result ...