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Marina Khachatryan
on 5 April 2024

We’re excited to announce our participation in NLIT 2024. As our collaboration with the Department of Energy (DOE) is strengthening, we’re looking forward to meeting our partners and customers on-site to discuss the critical topics for 2024: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and open-source innovation.

AI/ML Solutions for the DOE 

The public sector, including DOE, invests heavily in AI, aiming to develop predictive algorithms for some of the most cutting-edge research. Agencies kickstart initiatives with different use cases in mind, such as predicting weather patterns, power plant maintenance, and collecting and processing carbon data, looking for tooling that enables them to run AI at scale. 

Secure your AI stack 

We understand the difficulty of ensuring compliance and security while building AI applications and models at scale. We secure and maintain the widest open-source software library and solutions like Charmed Kubeflow, MLFlow, Spark and Kafka with reliable security patching and up to 10 years of support. We simplify the AI journey with an integrated and secure stack. 

Kubeflow, for example, helps professionals focus on the development and deployment of machine learning models, offering security patching, user management and a wide range of integrations on top of any Kubernetes. 

Read more about AI in public sector

To provide the most complete AI solutions to DOE, we’ve partnered with the leading hardware, silicon and cloud providers, such as NVIDIA, DELL, AWS, Google Cloud, HPE, Intel, Azure and more. 

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS – Powering Diverse Computing Environments with Security and Intelligence

Join us for an excerpt discussion on April 9th at 4:30 PM in Room #618.

This session explores the latest Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, showcasing its roles from powering edge devices to orchestrating core high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure. We will explore Ubuntu’s seamless integration across the computing landscape, highlighting its capacity to support diverse and secure systems. 

We speak about Ubuntu’s newly available Confidential Computing integrations, a crucial feature for protecting guest workloads in cloud and on-premise environments against unauthorized access. We will also discuss defense-in-depth best practices for security hardening any Canonical solutions like FIPS/STIG/CIS Benchmarks.

Finally, we will present Ubuntu’s comprehensive, open-source MLOps solution, designed to accelerate the deployment of AI models from experimentation to production. Attendees will gain a holistic understanding of how Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is shaping the future of computing with secure, scalable, and intelligent computing.

Cybersecurity with Ubuntu Pro

With our commitment towards securing open source, last year, we announced the general availability of Ubuntu Pro subscription. It secures an organisation’s Linux estate from OS to the application level. Pro is available on-prem, in the cloud and air-gapped environments, automating security patching, auditing, access management and compliance. Ubuntu Pro delivers FIPS compliance and automation for security standards such as DISA’s Ubuntu STIG, and CIS hardening via the Ubuntu Security Guide (USG).

One of the growing concerns for 2024 is application security. Many open-source packages for applications and toolchains exist in a space with no guarantee or SLA for security patching. With Ubuntu Pro, we secure over 23,000 + open source applications.

Schedule a meeting with our Federal  Directors, Devin Breen and Kelley Riggs, for an in-person discussion or a demo!


At NLIT, our Field Software Engineer Ethan Myers will showcase a few of Canonical’s software products, including Landscape, Kubeflow, and Microcloud.

Landscape is a systems management tool for Ubuntu. It automates security patching, auditing, access management, and compliance tasks across your Ubuntu estate. Use it in well-connected or airgapped environments: at sea, in space, and everywhere in between.

Kubeflow is an open-source machine learning toolkit based on Kubernetes. It gives data scientists the tools they need to develop, test, and deploy machine learning models to production on top of Kubernetes.

MicroCloud – an easy-to-deploy, highly available cloud suitable for private clouds, edge compute, and as an high-power eddev/test test environment. MicroClouds offer virtualization and containerization (LXD), distributed storage (Ceph) and software-defined networking (OVN), all wrapped up in a simple deployment and easy-to-use web interface.

Schedule a meeting or in-person demo

Schedule a meeting with our Federal Directors  Kelley Riggs and Devin Breen for an in-person discussion or a demo!

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